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94 B4000 214 code (cam position sensor)


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Dec 23, 2017
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Looking for some advise/help with a 214 code on my 94 B4000 with the 4.0l V6. I've confirmed that it is a late build date and has the 95 emissions etc on it. The truck is running great, but the check engine light comes on a few seconds after the engine starts. Other than the engine light and pulling this code, I would not have suspected any problems.

From what I've been able to find online, this code is described as a "cylinder ID circuit failure", it means a failure in the camshaft position sensor. I understand that this sensor sits in the old distributor position, at the rear center of the engine, sort of under the intake manifold. I had wanted to find it and check/clean its connector and wires, but I have not had any luck spotting it yet much less reaching in to it (am obviously not familiar with these engines). So a few questions:

1. Is the cam position sensor the most likely cause of this error (or might the crank position or other sensors be involved here)?

2. Where is the cam position sensor, and should I be able to see it, reach it and check its connector/wiring without taking the top of the engine off?

3. If I wanted to check the cam position sensor wiring, where can I find the wiring diagram/pinouts (is there a downloadable shop manual)?

4. From what I found online, the cam position sensor for this year is not available as just the sensor, but you need to replace the whole assembly: sensor, shaft, and gear. Does anyone know if someone is making just a replacement sensor that will work on this model of the V6?

5. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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