4x4 Suspensions FAQ (*Please Read Before Posting*)

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Welcome to the 4WD Suspensions section, a place to discuss the stock or modified suspension on your 4WD.

Before you post, please take a look at the following very commonly asked questions, many times the answer will already be here and could help save some typing on everyone's part and you get the correct answer to your question.

  • Can I convert my '83-'97 2WD Ranger to 4WD?

    Short answer... No.

    Long answer: The frame crossmember under the engine is different on a 2WD Ranger. You would need to remove the engine and swap this crossmember with one from a 4WD for the axle brackets to fit properly (plus you'll need to swap your 2WD transmission out for a 4WD one so you will be able to install a transfer case).
    You could swap a 4WD straight front axle from another vehicle in however, although this requires welding and some fabrication & knowledge about suspensions. In most cases it's more cost-effective to just get a vehicle that's 4WD to begin with.

    Bronco II and '91-'94 Explorer owners take note: These vehicles use the same crossmember 2WD or 4x4, you would only need to swap one front axle bracket to mount the stock 4WD front axle under the front. The 2WD Bronco II even has a 4WD transmission already, swap out that hollow dummy transfercase for a real one and wala! (sorry Explorer guys, you'll still need a 4WD transmission).

    Can I convert my '98-'11 2WD Ranger to 4WD?
    Only if it already has the torsion bar front suspension similar to the 4WD version (if your 2WD has coil springs, then the answer will be No). You'll need the front axle housing, half-shafts, steering knuckles and wheelbearing assemblies (and a 4WD transmission & transfercase). I have not verified whether any differential mounting brackets are present or missing on the frames of these trucks, so you may need to do a little welding if they are missing.

  • What is the best suspension lift kit for my truck?
    Take a read through this post where our users have posted reviews on most of the suspension kits that are available. If you would like to comment about your own kit, feel free to do so here as well. :icon_thumby:

  • What are the cheapest ways to lift my truck?
    Some ideas here:

  • Will my truck still be legal after I lift it?
    It depends on your state. Most states will allow at least a 4" or so lift, but check this post to be sure (a couple states specifically disallow things like extended shackles and spacers)

  • Where can I buy a lift for my truck?
    Check right here.
    Or just about any 4WD shop in town should carry (or can order) a kit for you.

  • Will my driveshafts work after a lift?
    On 83-'97 Rangers, and '91-'94 Explorers, generally the answer is yes. One exception is the 2-piece rear driveshaft on Supercab Rangers which tends to vibrate due to the angle put on them after lifting. Read here about an effective fix for '88-'97 Supercab models (also to include the '86-'87 Supercab if it has an automatic transmission).

    Bronco IIs with the dual-CV style (non-u-joint) rear driveshaft will require it be swapped for a u-joint type with more than 2" lift. James Duff, Mountain Driveline and a few others offer replacement shafts.

    '98-'11 Rangers, '95-'01 Explorers:
    The CV assembly on the front driveshaft at the transfer case is known to wear quicker with a lift. Superlift and a few other manufacturers offer a replacement shaft with a standard double-cardan u-joint assembly to replace the stock repezza-style CV joint shaft.

  • What size tires will fit after lifting "x" inches?
    Check here:

  • TTB coil springs are much too stiff, can I use softer ones for more flex? (Like Jeep Cherokee coils?) And what impacts on handling will this have?
    This post explains one user's dilemma with some handling issues he had, and how it was solved (the culprit very likely is not what you think it is).

    This posting can also offer some insight on modifying TTB suspensions for offroad performance approaching that of a solid axle.

  • Where can I find some info & pics about home-built extended radius arms?
    Lookie right here

If this FAQ has not answered your question, you might try a few keywords using the forum's Search bar to see if there are any past discussions on it. Failing that, please feel free to post it in the forum. Someone here will be glad to help answer it :icon_thumby:

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