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2003 Mazda B3000 DS TPS HELP


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Jan 16, 2023
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San Antonio
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Mazda B3000 DS
I bought this truck new and it has 298 thousand miles on it. The truck has had a misfire on 6 for several years. I've changed the coil pack, spark plug wires and spark plugs all at the same time on several occasions. The truck runs rough at idle and is getting worse as time goes by. It runs great on highway. I recently changed the fuel pump, battery, alternator, water pump, radiator . . I just purchased a TPS for truck and in the Manuel it states that on later models the screws can't be reused to put new TPS on. It doesn't say what yr. Question 1 - do I need to get new screws B4 I take old one off? Question 2- is there a certain procedure to follow to install tps and calibrate / reset after installed?

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