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  1. Transmission removal 2008 4.0 4x4 5r55e

    I was wondering if anyone had a PDF or some sort of copy for the removal. Drive and Reverse went out, 1st and 2nd gear work though. Would appreciate tips or tricks if not. Thanks!
  2. garrettchase94

    Transmission Swap 94-96

    I just bought a transmission from a guy and it came from a 1996 Ford Ranger 2WD with a 4.0l. My truck is a 1994 Ford Ranger 2WD with a 4.0l will the transmission that I just bought bolt in the exact same as my current one also if anyone has any tips for removing and installing the new...
  3. Vulcan piston pin removal

    I was surprised to find no posting of this topic in the entire site, so let me write up how I did it. This is based on the vise technique shown in this video (credit): How to easily remove piston bolt without a press. I am calling it piston pin (or wise pin) as it should be. Here is an...
  4. 3M Adhesive Tape

    Howdy howdy, new here So I just bought a new to me 96 2.3 and the paint is in wonderful condition minus a few spots. But the big problem is they used 3M adhesive tape to stick the plastic drop in bed liner. And I hate those so I took it off. I need some help with what u can use to...
  5. Knuckle Magically Stuck to Truck

    I looked around the forum and watched a bunch of youtube videos, but the videos always cut and resume after the knuckle is removed. I'm trying to do ball joints on a 2002 Ranger 4x4 w/torsion suspension. Upper control arm is disconnected from the knuckle. Caliper is off. Axle nut is off and...
  6. 2.3 tib removal to remove the oil pan?

    I'm thinking about getting a 97 ranger for my turbo project and I'll need to put my forged pistons in.. my main question would be while I have the tib out would it be possible or worth it to remove whatever left to drop the pan and get access to the crank?
  7. Removing the Charcoal Canister

    Ok, so this winter was pretty hard on my undercarriage. The spare tire mount has almost rusted completely off. Rather than replace it, I figure I'll just remove the mount and tire and save about 200+ pounds. Only, I found a problem. The charcoal canister is mounted to the spare tire mount; I...
  8. 2.9 Engine removal.

    I have a 1990 BII 2wd and am in the process of pulling the engine. I was wondering if any knows if I have to remove the tranny first or if there is room to remove both at once. Thanks
  9. paulnola

    Where are bolts for AC & Pwr steering mount bracket?

    I am replacing the water pump and read in the Haynes manual that I need to remove the bolt(s) holding the mounting bracket to move the whole assembly out of the way without removing either the AC compressor or the power steering pump. So I am looking but cannot find the correct bolt or bolts to...
  10. 1993 Ranger 4X4 Engine / Transmission Installation

    Hey Guys, I am putting a rebuilt engine and rebuilt automatic transmission in my 1993 Ford Ranger this weekend. I pulled them out separately, but I was wondering if it is possible to install them together as one unit? Looks like space might be tight, but I think it may be possible. I plan...
  11. Help!! Removal of Manual Transmission

    I'm having an issue where I am trying to remove my manual transmission from my 1992 Ranger. I have never had this issue with two previous removals, but it is giving me all sorts of trouble now. I have all the cables removed, All the bolts removed. I managed to get it to seperate about a half...
  12. William Spitzer

    Non-vinal letter removal

    So, i bought my truck from a painting company, and they apparently decided to put thier logo in purple metal flake paint on the sides. so my question is how can i get these off? or is it not possible?
  13. Rack and pinion removal

    Hoping somebody can share a tip that would save my knuckles. Replacing steering rack in my 2002 4.0L ranger 4x4. It's unbolted and free to come out... But i can't figure out which way it needs to twist to slide out. Should it twist upward then slide toward passenger side? Also, The axle or...
  14. 84bluebronco2

    Simplifying my 84 bronco 2.

    The auto choke is long gone. Only parts for that removed were the heater itself and the idle advance equipment. I want to remove all of the spaghetti that I can. What else do you think can be pulled out and keep it as my DD? It's a 1984 B2 2.8 v6 4x4. Manual EVERYTHING! Thanks!
  15. Ranger Project Help

    Hello all, First off this is going to end up being a long drawn out process of stuff I don't know how to do for my ranger conversion. This initial plan is to drop a 351 W in my 91 Ford Ranger XLT, lift it around 9 inches, put a cowl induction hood on, 3.25" fender flares and repaint (someone...
  16. Power steering reservoir?

    Hey guys, I own a 1992 Ford Ranger with 3.0L V6 engine. Has anyone ever removed the power steering reservoir from the pump. How did you do this? I want to replace the O-rings. Can this even be done? Thanks!
  17. thebigyellowtruck

    Rust removal

    I am repainting my truck from the ground up in the spring. I need to get the rust off of my frame and under body. I was planning on just using a wire wheel to clean it all off, but recently i came across a rust removing gel called Ew Gel Rust Dissolver.(...

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