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1999 Ford ranger 3.0 engine ticking or tapping noise


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Sep 21, 2017
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Hello, This is my first post on a forum ever. I am a fresh ford techniam went to school and been working for ford for 2 years so im still fairly new but very mechanically incline. I have a 99 ford ranger that belongs to a family member. We bought it real cheap because it had "died" on the previous owner while he was driving it. He through a starter in it ( for who knows what reason) and then stated when we were buying it that it needs a new pcm, so my dad thought the timing chains had jumped or broke and he put a new timing chain in it still nothin i recommended checking the camshaft possition sensor. They pulled the old one out. And the teeth were ground off of it so they out a new one in got it running. Has this anoying tick/tap noise sounded like valve train to me so without thinking lifters were cheap enough i threw a set of lifters in it still didnt fix the problem i visually inspected the pushrods and rockers for wear and nothin seemed out of the ordinary. We keep getting a code back for misfire monitor is not active p1309 i think and i started the pinpoint for that code and it said to measure voltage at the Cmp and there was no voltage there. Sorry for my book but im hoping someone could enlighten me. Any help is greatly apreciated thank you