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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 cylinder head replacement options

    I got an 88 ranger 2.3 I'm trying to fix Heads cracked 4 plug 2.3s are getting harder to find I can buy a rebuild for 7-8 hundred I can get a new bare head for 400, using that and the parts for the old one I imagine I can have it rebuilt. I'm also looking at alternatives. An 8 plug head from 89...
  2. 2.3L ('83-'97) Dropped Head Alignment Pin in Oil Return. Help?

    Hi all, Something happened that never should have even if I tried. When prepping deck of 1994 2.3 to set replacement head, there was a slip. The rear alignment dowel fell into the oil return hole in top rear right side of block. Could not have made that happen if I tried. So my question is am I...
  3. 2.3L ('83-'97) Abandon Due to ignored

    Hi, This message has been wiped out. The original reply was dumb and caused the message to be ignored by others as if it was answered. Reposting hopefully with better luck. Moderators please feel free to delete this useless post.
  4. What parts to change before installing salvage motor?

    Just had a 1995 2.3 engine delivered for my 96 ranger, engine has 119k on it. So far I’ve ordered spark plugs, wires, timing belt and tensioner, water pump, and valve cover gasket. Some have mentioned doing a head gasket and crankshaft position sensor while it’s out, compression test good on all...
  5. 96 ranger 2.3 cracked engine block

    Well, what I thought was just a leaking head gasket ended up being a crack from one of the cooling ports outwards toward the exhaust manifold, and about an inch down the side of the block. Pretty upset about it but I guess my question is, can these be successfully welded? I’m not willing to pull...
  6. Coolant leaking out passenger side of head

    Noticed some antifreeze under my 96 2.3 today and noticed a very consistent flow of coolant coming from the passenger side of the head where it meets the block. I’m guessing this means the head gasket is blown but I don’t see any water in oil, the truck has not overheated since I have owned it...
  7. Dprocks100

    Steam and Water out of tailpipe

    Last friday my truck started steaming and loosing a lot of water through the tailpipe. Sucked 3/4 of my coolant out of my overflow tank in a 20 minuet drive. Its got 143,xxx miles. It burns about a quart every 3-4,000 miles. Did a compression test and got 120-115 psi over all 4 cylinders. my...
  8. Cracked heads or block? Suggestions for rebuild on a 2001 Vulcan 3.0L Flex?

    Hello, and this is my first forum post, but I've lurked here a long time. I have a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 V6 Flex Fuel automatic model purchased used, was a fleet vehicle that was decently abused before I received it with about 60k miles in late 2002. Since I have owned the truck, I have...
  9. rezmedic

    "mayonaise" under valve cover

    1984 ranger 4x4 2.8L 5sp manual. My Ranger did not start this morning, normally kinda hard starting on cold mornings but runs well when runnin other than 10 to 12 MPG. While troubleshooting i removed the valve cover and saw this: My question is; Should I park it until I replace heads...
  10. 1993 ford 4.0 head

    Trying to remove paaseng side head. Have removed the alt. bracket exhust bolts and head bolts. Head won't come off. Someone had told me i do not have to fully remove the intakes, i have removed thae bolts on that side. Is this true?
  11. Photos of Head/Valves

    Hello, While I've posted a few threads discussing my vehicle troubles. I wanted to post these photos along with what I've learned so far. I had hoped to find a blown head gasket, however that didn't happen. All my problems started with a poorly running engine. It would idle high and...
  12. idriveafordranger94

    4.0L OHV Torque to Yield Bolts

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of tearing down my Ranger's 4.0L and have a few questions. I know the cylinder head bolts are torque to yield, so those will need replaced, but what about the 3 big 15mm (I think) bolts that hold the rocker rail down on each head? They were really tight when taking...
  13. head gasket

    ok how do i tell which side of my head gasket did i blow, and can i get away with changing just that one side? 2.9 v6
  14. need input

    ok i bought this 90 ford ranger 4x4 2.9 v6, did a basic tune up on it and an oil change, now i believe it to have a blown head gasket, what do you guys think i should do with it and should i pour in some liquid gasket fixer or what?

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