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  1. CamTheHedgehog

    2003 Ranger Edge 4x4 build/fix up

    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time member. I’m CamTheHedgehog, or Cam for short. I own a 2003 Ford Ranger. Edge Plus package, Supercab, 4x4, 4.0L SOHC, Limited Slip, and step side bed. Give or take ~250k miles. She’s my daily driver and weekend warrior. Mods/projects so far: 265/75/16...
  2. KevinSonOfDad

    4.0 OHV V6 light performance "optimization" build

    Looking for any advice on a build I'm looking to do. My rangers stock 4.0 is getting pretty worn out at almost 250k miles. I'm looking to get a junkyard engine and rebuild it in my spare time (I work a full time job as a engine machinist so i have access to the equipment) I'm mainly looking to...
  3. KasenLeigh90

    Are these stock or am i just living in a hole...?

    OK! I'm new here, and new to the ranger/ford scene. Usually a GM person, but I do have a soft spot for early '90's and older Ford Pickups, so please be a dick if you must, but lets not drag on shall we. This is my 1990 2.3L Lima. Has the 5spd, no 4wd. Are the steps on the side factory/an extra...
  4. tiny house in the bed of my truck?

    howdy y'all! i'm wanting to build a wooden framed teeny tiney house in the bed of my truck. i'm wondering about suspension things? is there anything i should know about putting permanent weight on my truck before i do it? anyone have experience in this? thank you!
  5. Jim Oaks

    The New Global Ford Ranger Build - Videos

    Hey all, I stumbled across these (2) videos that I thought you would find interesting. It's not the 2019 Ford Ranger, but the 2019 is built on this platform, so the same basically applies. Enjoy! :popcorn: YaQ5Ehx5gYE XlLgoIDa2Hw
  6. 97Ranger3.0

    My 1997 Ranger 3.0 4x4

    Hey everyone! This is my 1997 Ranger XL with the 3.0, 5 speed manual and 4wd, and a 7' bed. This truck is my daily driver, so this isn't going to be so much of a build thread per se, but I will be doing some light modifications and thought it might be cool to document my process! These...
  7. Help with my ranger build.

    Okay, so im 16 my brother left for college and gave me his 89 ranger xlt. I want to turn it into something for overland type stuff that i can sleep in the back at night but also want clearence for some trails but nothing to crazy. I dont know where to start lift wise, i dont need huge amounts of...
  8. Horsepower

    I'm a young man. I was wondering if there are any cheap tricks to add some horse power. Any tricks?
  9. my 89 ranger build

    My 1989 ranger project Purchased the truck off a old disabled man in south Phoenix , az for 900$. It has around 84k original miles Clean title all that good stuff haha. Here's the truck how I bought it; As soon as it got home I started by taking the whole grill assembly and headlight trim...
  10. matthew1992ya

    springs 94 ranger

    Where can I get some stiffer springs but keep the same ride height on my 94 ranger are what are some good springs for a 302 build. Thanks Matt
  11. Funnyman141

    1994 ranger build "Lizzy" (Slow build thread)

    I figured I should start a build thread for Liz, Its a 1994 4x4 ext. cab Ranger, 3.73 gears, D35 T.T.B. front, 1354M Transfer case (was a 1354E case) , M5OD trans, 8.8 L/S rear, 4.0 O.H.V., Warn manual hubs, running 30/9.50R15's on the rear with 235/75R15's up front (not for long, i hope) So...
  12. Progress / Advice Thread 91 ExCab XLT

    Just figured I would make a thread here for all the interior mods I plan on doing to both get some advice / find out where to get stuff at and to show people what I'm doing to my ranger. As of right now nothing much has been done to it. And I have no pics right now, can get those tomorrow. I...

    86 gen 1 sas build

    I aquired my 86 gen 1 after my grandfather passed. i drove this truck for 4 years then parked it for five. tired of fixing my superduty everytime i wheeled it and something broke, i decided to modify my ranger. i read countless articles on sas swaps and still have a couple of questions. i want...
  14. Oops. o.O

    Intro: Well, graduated high school May 2009. Enlisted USAF Security Forces. Left for basic November 2009. Graduated Tech School May 2010. Arrived in Elmendorf AFB, AK June 2010... July: *gets in friends truck "Thanks for the ride..." Last Month: "Ugh. I need a truck up here..." Thursday 9...
  15. thebigyellowtruck

    Rust removal

    I am repainting my truck from the ground up in the spring. I need to get the rust off of my frame and under body. I was planning on just using a wire wheel to clean it all off, but recently i came across a rust removing gel called Ew Gel Rust Dissolver.(...

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