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  • Yeah I have a build. Its wohlf 16's 99 ranger build. If you type that into the search it should take you to it. I was thinkin you might want to go with coils cause your current setup has coils already. I dont think going coils would be anymore expensive than doin leaves. What 44 are you using for your front? My axle is a 78 f250 dana 44. It was already setup for leaves and with my truck there really isnt a starting point. Leaves or coils I would have to come up with everything from scratch. It also depends on what you wanna do with your truck as well. I just mud mine so the ride dosent matter much to me. Coils will give you a way better ride and better articulation than leaves. Make sure you give the readers lots of info on what your using and your plans for the truck and you should get lots of useful info back. Hope some of this helped and good luck with your build!
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