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  1. 1996 Ranger 2.3l Blown Engine... Good Option?

    I just bought a 1996 Ford Ranger 4x4 with a blown 2.3l engine and a 5spd transmission. In my hunt for an engine I've found a guy that has a 1998 Ranger with the 2.5l and a 5spd for sale for $350. I feel that it's a great deal because it only had 89k miles on it. It's still hooked up in the truck...
  2. Please help, I am stuck

    So I've got a 1998 ranger 4x4 with a motor out of a 1995 explorer. I bought the truck with an engine on a pallate and no engine in the truck. I have it all back together with the exception of a vacumm line running from the throttle body.... I don't know where it goes!:annoyed: I have a 1997...
  3. MountainMike

    Mike's '93 4x4

    I've changed things around on this first post to make it in compliance to [TOTM standards] Here is a recap for those who don't know. I picked up a 1993 Ranger 4x4 as a project truck. It had a new(ish) motor put into it not long ago. It has a light bar hoop, 3" body lift and new rims. The body...
  4. Compatible 98 4x4 ranger rotors.

    I have to replace the rotors on my 98 ranger and will have to do it with used parts. Im going to get them at the local pick your part but know that the 4x4 ranger selection there is extremely limited. What other models and or yrs are compatible to my 98 4x4? Thank you very much for your help.
  5. 4x4 light not working

    Hello, When I shift into 4x4 High the little "4x4" light on the dash board will not come on. This happens when I shift into 4x4 Low also, but the "Low Range" light comes on. I've checked the fuses and none of them are bad. I'm pretty sure my 4 wheel drive isn't broken because when I shift into...
  6. auto hub or manual hub ?

    i have a 95 ranger 4x4 with auto hubs i am debating wether it is worth putting manual hubs on my truck ?
  7. tailgate_mafia

    Think my 4x4 computer is fried

    Ok i have a 94 ranger stx with push button 4wheel. the hubs have been changed back to manual lockers but the 4 wheel only works part of the time some times when you push the button it will engage but most of the time in wont. I can here the lil computer behind the jumper seat clicking every now...
  8. RangerSkate28

    newish ranger guy from VA

    Hey every one from ranger land. I have owned my 2000 4x4 for about a year now and have learned almost everything i know from this site so i finally made a profile. cant wait to get started
  9. using 4x4 on 1989 ranger?

    I just bought my first 4x4 my ranger is a automatic has the shifter for the transfer case, not buttons on dash... and it looks like I have the kind where you need to lock the hubs... When I bought my ranger the manual didn't show what position is what.. and the original shifter handle has been...
  10. How to get out of the driveway before Monday

    I live in Salisbury, North Carolina. It snows here maybe twice a year. Well, this morning it snowed. So the wife and I head out to my '94 Ranger to go take a ride around town. We roll in the manual hubs (yup, already had the automatic ones replaced) I punch the 4x4 button and nothing...
  11. eclipseguy

    4x4 still not working. :(

    So i have a 1986 ford ranger stx it has the 2.9 I'm not sure on the transmission the t.c. says warren on it. but when i got the truck the 4x4 worked. but it out of nowhere just stopped working. then on its own it will start working again. so i will go hit a small trail and i cant get it out of...
  12. r1hatman

    83 4x4 in North Knoxville

    Hey guys, I am new here just got a 83 ranger 4x4 at a couple of months ago, traded a 95 taurus even for it. Runs good. Had to put a new tranny filter/ fluid, high mileage oil change, and a pcv valve, and a/c belt on it, but it runs fine. I drove it home. I haven't had time to take it off road...
  13. 96 ford explorer 4x4 question

    one of my brothers has a 96 ford explorer xlt 4x4 with auto trans. the people who had the car before i can not talk for but story goes they pulled the drive shaft because the vehicle was always in 4 wheel drive... yea, kinda stupid i know. any way, i looked under his truck at the transfer case...
  14. compaqeo


    This is my offroad build of a 1984 ranger 2.3l i bought it for 300$. the ugly red interior soon to be changed :icon_welder: the only rust on this thing is on the left rear above the box It didnt start due to having a "toast" starter so i got one at lordco with my handy discount for 110$...