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  1. 4x4 light not working

    Hello, When I shift into 4x4 High the little "4x4" light on the dash board will not come on. This happens when I shift into 4x4 Low also, but the "Low Range" light comes on. I've checked the fuses and none of them are bad. I'm pretty sure my 4 wheel drive isn't broken because when I shift into...
  2. auto hub or manual hub ?

    i have a 95 ranger 4x4 with auto hubs i am debating wether it is worth putting manual hubs on my truck ?
  3. tailgate_mafia

    Think my 4x4 computer is fried

    Ok i have a 94 ranger stx with push button 4wheel. the hubs have been changed back to manual lockers but the 4 wheel only works part of the time some times when you push the button it will engage but most of the time in wont. I can here the lil computer behind the jumper seat clicking every now...
  4. RangerSkate28

    newish ranger guy from VA

    Hey every one from ranger land. I have owned my 2000 4x4 for about a year now and have learned almost everything i know from this site so i finally made a profile. cant wait to get started
  5. using 4x4 on 1989 ranger?

    I just bought my first 4x4 my ranger is a automatic has the shifter for the transfer case, not buttons on dash... and it looks like I have the kind where you need to lock the hubs... When I bought my ranger the manual didn't show what position is what.. and the original shifter handle has been...
  6. How to get out of the driveway before Monday

    I live in Salisbury, North Carolina. It snows here maybe twice a year. Well, this morning it snowed. So the wife and I head out to my '94 Ranger to go take a ride around town. We roll in the manual hubs (yup, already had the automatic ones replaced) I punch the 4x4 button and nothing...
  7. eclipseguy

    4x4 still not working. :(

    So i have a 1986 ford ranger stx it has the 2.9 I'm not sure on the transmission the t.c. says warren on it. but when i got the truck the 4x4 worked. but it out of nowhere just stopped working. then on its own it will start working again. so i will go hit a small trail and i cant get it out of...
  8. r1hatman

    83 4x4 in North Knoxville

    Hey guys, I am new here just got a 83 ranger 4x4 at a couple of months ago, traded a 95 taurus even for it. Runs good. Had to put a new tranny filter/ fluid, high mileage oil change, and a pcv valve, and a/c belt on it, but it runs fine. I drove it home. I haven't had time to take it off road...
  9. 96 ford explorer 4x4 question

    one of my brothers has a 96 ford explorer xlt 4x4 with auto trans. the people who had the car before i can not talk for but story goes they pulled the drive shaft because the vehicle was always in 4 wheel drive... yea, kinda stupid i know. any way, i looked under his truck at the transfer case...
  10. compaqeo


    This is my offroad build of a 1984 ranger 2.3l i bought it for 300$. the ugly red interior soon to be changed :icon_welder: the only rust on this thing is on the left rear above the box It didnt start due to having a "toast" starter so i got one at lordco with my handy discount for 110$...

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