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    He's Baaaaaacccccccckkkkkk

    Been a long while since i have posted here. Was out of the RBV game for a little while but now i am back in it double time. I will have to get reacquainted with how to post pictures etc. but now for a little info on what i have in the fleet now. RBV numero uno. 2005 Explorer Sport Trac, picked...
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    Sad day last week

    Well, its been a long while since I posted here, most of the new members probably will not recall my 97 ECSB 4x4 (the one I bounced off the tree then rebuilt from the ground up), but some of the older members might recall it. Well it was bittersweet this past week as after almost 7 years of...
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    2001 Explorer Sport no start issue

    Ok guys, long time no see haha I have tun into an issue with my girlfriends 01 Explorer Sport , she ran it out of fuel and now the thing wont start, well, wont start on its own , i can get it to run on starting fluid but that is it. It's and 01 Sport with a 4.0 SOHC, we changed the fuel filter...
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    Locked N Loaded Expedition Vehicle 1 "Layla" 1998 Explorer XLT

    Ok guys , been a while since I have been on here , been so busy with work and moving and projects that I have had no time for the computer , so this new thread is going to have alot of pictures in the first post haha. Here is the scoop on this truck , bought it back in January for $1000 with a...
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    4th Gen Ranger Grille/brush guard on a 2nd gen Explorer ?

    got a line on a really cheap brush/grille guard off an 02 or 03 Ranger (tremor) , was wondering if it will bolt right up to my 98 Explorer ? has anyone done this before , if so how does it look ?
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    Another one of my 'You are gonna hate me threads' , just like when I got the Level II

    well i picked up my newest project tonight , cost $600 , it's a 72 , 99% original (only has headers and dual exhaust) , 1 owner , it runs , drives and stops , missing the top , a little rough around the edges , but workable. here she is
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    98 Explorer Lift Shackle install

    Hey guys , installing a set of Warrior 153's in my 98 Explorer and have a question about the anti-wrap shock , was wondering if people who have installed the 153's have run into any kind of problem with that anti-wrap shock , i am putting the shackles in tomorrow and need some advice on whether...
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    Need Some General MPG/Driver Feel information

    last night i bought a 98 Explorer XLT , 4.0 SOHC , 5R55E , unsure of the t-case , and it has 3.55 gears , here is what i am looking for , i plant to swap the 31's off my 96 onto the 98 and i need answers to these 2 questions in relation to swapping on the 31's with no gear change 1. What kind...
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    Diesel Bed Poll

    Hey guys i need some opinions , i am currently about to begin a refresh of my 97 F-350 (the Tow Rig) and have a little issue , the issue i am having is on what bed to put on it , i cannot run a regular box because the truck is a Cab & Chassis with an altered wheel base , however i currently have...
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    302 Carb'd swap into a 90 BII

    ok , i am gonna do a 302 swap into my 90 Bronco II Mud Truck and i have a few quick questions and hope to get some answers before i get to heavy into this 1. What can i do for Engine Mounts ? Can i use the stock ones from a 90's Explorer V-8 or does an aftermarket company make them ? 2. When...
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    The Exciting Life of a $350 Explorer

    well title is pretty basic , the progression of my $350 96 Explorer hahaha here is when i first got it , $350 at the auction with the CEL on for P0401 and bald tires so then i swapped over my tires from the Red 97 and put on a new DPFE , along with all Rear Brakes and Axle Seals had the oil...
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    NY-PA-OH Meet and Greet/Campout/BBQ/Photoshoot

    Ok Guys , i am posting this too see how much interest i can find in a Tri-State meet and greet , would be looking at the second weekend in August with probably a 3 day set up , my family has a 40 Acre Farm where we could camp and have a bon fire , and have a BBQ there also or at a Letchworth...
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    Rebirth of a Legend (WNY964x4's Little Red Ranger)

    alrighty , most of you that have been here a while and know me remember my Fully Loaded 97 Ext Cab that i bounced off a tree and then blew the engine up , well after a full year of letting the truck sit the time has come to rebuild it. And this is more than a rebuild , this is a full Rebirth ...
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    Back and better than ever before !!!!!!!

    ok , after a 3 month Hiatus i am back in business , i have missed this place and i am back into the RBV repair swing , a little update on each of the vehicles 1- 96 Explorer - Going into the tranny shop this week to have the new trans installed so i can start DD'ing it again 2- 90 Bronco II -...
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    Taking a Temporary Leave from TRS

    Hey Guys , for those of you that have known me for as long as i have been on here you have probably notice that i have not been on here alot since i wrecked my 03 Level II , well i decided to take a little temporary leave starting now because i just don't have my head in it right now , i am busy...