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  • Yea, i remember you man... they're working out great.. they were amazing when the truck was closer to the ground, lifted and with the headlights tinted, they're still pretty good (projectors like being close to the ground) those pics were resized by the site, heres a link to my photobucket, where you can see the full sizes and the out takes lol.

    Yeah I was going to put in some coil spacers and replace some front end parts. Needs new radius arm bushings and the manual hubs I got from Jon.
    God knows what else it needs it has been a couple years since I tore into the frontend, now Jon offered me his old lift so yeah I guess what the heck I might as well lift her up....lol...I figure with a used 4 inch lift my coil spacers and a SOA in the rear with my extended shackles the Ex should be sitting good.....now I just got to get some 33's and some wider rims.....its never ending...
    Sorry I do not, if the ones you saw are the lights with the driving light built into the headlight bucket, I do not have those anymore. My first set I had to mod the mounts to fit properly and the second set the lens's cracked if a gnat hit them.
    My current lights do not have the driving light in them but are blacked out around the edges and I still have the same turns.
    Good Luck - hope this helped.
    I do know of a few. There is one right north of Eau Claire in New Auburn, its 2000 acres of hard core stuff I guess, I havn't been there but have friends that have. ANd then there is a farm over here that the guy has some events a few times a year. And then there is another one down near Red Wing MN that is pretty rough I guess to. And of Course there is Dresser WI memorial Weekend event. When you looking at going?
    Thanks! I just have a 3" body lift. I tried lifting the front with washer spacers, but ended up just going with a BL. I would rather have a nice 4" suspension lift, but I guess you can't beat the body lift for the price. I just got a 94 4x4, and I may put a BL on it too... :)
    yeah, since its the only car related forum im on, and i spend all my free time here. its pretty cool and it feels like ur hanging with a bunch of friends
    yes i would take a check 62$ for coil spacers and camber bushings and 8$ for shipping so 70 total
    Here is my address
    Phillip Gosser
    203 n clay,
    Clay Center NE, 68933
    I will send the parts as soon as i get the check
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