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  • Yeah I got to help my in laws move some time in may but I should be open well just have to stay in touch. About how many guys are serious about meeting?
    I was looking at your truck build, so hows that going for you.
    Is Predator's name Jesse? When LanO said a guy from elk mound thats who I thought it could be.
    Yeah a meet and greet sounds good. I am open to dates but never know when stuff comes up.
    yeah the only gears I messed with was a damn camero when I work in a shop years ago,had to replace bearings it was a mess but the ring gear was ok. Yeah I am not to confidint doing it by myself. Not sure if I want to regear my stock axles but would like to rebuild my 79 bronco axles someday......not sure if I want 4.88's or 4.56's. like to run fullwidth with some 36 or 38's.......oh how I would like to sas my ex.
    Hey if you find a good set of 33's and wider rims to fit my Explorer's stock axle I'll be willing to trade for that spare axle if you want it.
    Hey do you know how to set up gears? I don't really mess with that stuff but would like to learn. I know you need some special tools.
    Not sure I assume stock but I do know the truck was a plow truck. I think the only thing missing is the stock coils.... It should all be there radius arms, lock out to lock out, I do know one axle shaft is broken on one side and not sure about the other.
    Yeah I don't want to put too much money in the TBB I am going to scrap out my 79 Bronco this summer for the axles.
    I do have another dana 44 from a 79 F-150 that I got rid of years ago.....its in ruff shape but I was holding on to it as a spare.....but if your interested in it.
    Sounds like a interesting lift idea but would jeep springs be a little softer for more flex?
    That 4 inch lift so all I would need to track down would be a longer pitman arm, shocks and stuff for the rear?
    I was thinking of doing a SOA with my extended shackles, then use my coil spacers with your lift parts I should be around at least 5 inches or so..... now I thinking about extended radius arms would be nice......
    Sounds good.......Hell if you don't want it I'll take it off your hands just let me know when you get it out. So are you putting a different lift in or going back to stock?
    Hey what brand of lift is it? It's not one of those diff popper brands......well I can allways modify it....
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