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  • Its going pretty good. worked on it last night and got my new spare (35x12.5 BFG KM2) so I gotta get that mounted on a rim so I can figure out the spare tire carrier. Lots of other stuff to try and get done over the weekend.
    not sure if thats his name. Could be if that happened and he hasn't gotten back on here. Have to throw some dates out there. probably middle of may or something
    Is his name Jesse? When LanO said Jesse from elk mound the first one to come to mind was Predator... yeah a meet and greet sounds good. so far I am open for dates but never know when stuff comes up
    Yeah I did, forgot to respond. I hope everything is alright with him. Haven't heard anything from him. I'm thinkin that we should do a Meet and Greet. Be nice to hear any news if hes out of it we could go pay him a visit or something.
    Yeah I see its gone, didn't take long. It was Skyjacker 6" coils and the good drop brackets for $100. Don't know if it sold or what.
    Oh that is in rough shape, What do you think you'd want for it? I do know how to set up gears, Had a buddy help with mine when I did the 4.88's but that was more to just make sure I got it done in a weekend. I have most everything to do it, need a dial indicator and a good impact. For the money you should pick up the Differentials book from Randys Ring & Pinion. Its got so much valuable info and its just a good read anyways
    Yeah i've been thinking solid axle, I just haven't found one. Probably gonna start collecting parts to narrow one. Do you know what gears are in it?
    Jeep coils are probably gonna be a little to soft for the super cab truck with the TTB still in it. However if I had a solid axle they might work. Thing is if you go to a soft coil your steering really plays havoc on everything. I Do have a new steering set up coming next week so I'm hoping to get that on before long.
    Yeah youd need a drop pitman, shocks and shackles out do it. You know in talking about it with you explorer you might be better off just going 6" cause then for the rear all you have to do is do a spring over swap on the axle. you probably could still use my drop brackets and coils just throw some spacers under them. Which I think I have two of those from way back when I was in H.S. sitting in a ox somewhere. I'll take a look around.
    well i'm not sure, I'm gonna test fit the coils with the buckets in stock location and see where i'm at, I might end up raising the buckets to bring it back down, I don't wanna lift the truck a whole lot more than it already is, pretty much just wanna get a whole lot more flex out of the front. All in all it will probably be going from 4" lift to 5" and then I am going to put on F250 shock towers and go with Bilstein 5150 shocks to keep the softer coils under control
    I'm great. I see you are from Rice Lake. Getting ready to lift that Explorer? I see that 97fordrunner is offering his lift kit to you. lol. He offered it to me, but I decided to just level my truck for now.
    I got EB coils and some home brew drop brackets and my extended radius arms that i'm putting in before to long
    I did offer it Deviant but I think he went another direction, It is one of hos kits but to be honest I have beat the crap out of my truck and haven't had a problem. I'll give it to you. I don't wanna hassle with selling it and shipping it. It might be a little bit though
    I've been good, screwed my back up a week ago so on the disabled list for now which is ok since the weather is crappy. It would be awesome to get to meet all the guys around here and find some new people to wheel with. I am going to be doing my suspension before long if your interested in it you can have it for your explorer. pretty much just rough country 4" coils, rad. arm drop brackets, TTB drops. Not much and not pretty but its something to start with. Let me know. I plan on doing some wheeling up in New Auburn this summer to we should get together up there.
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