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  1. Relay Junction/Distribution Block

    Maybe you guys can help me out... I'm tryin' to find a 8 gang relay dist block. Preferably one that also has 8 ATC fuse slots as well. More than 8 would be okay too. Must be bosch style. I've looked and looked and looked, and can't find any. Thanks -Brandon
  2. 2.0L Ignition on 5.0L

    Is it possible to use the carb'd 2.0L ignition system with a 5.0L? It looks like a blue grommet Duraspark 2 setup, but I'm not really positive. Or would I be better off grabbing the Duraspark setup off of a car that is already set up for a 302?
  3. What stock engine components are necessary?

    1988 Ranger. 2wd carb'd 2.0L. Will be installed some form of carb'd 302 with a m5od-r2, and a tcase. Did a little work on the Ranger... Pulled the motor. And the transmission. Now in these pics, what is needed to make a motor run, and what isn't? This will be as bare-bones of a truck...
  4. Front clip

    I have an 88 ranger that I've been working on here recently. I'm wanting to pull the front clip off so I can more easily work on the engine, clean up the frame, and remove all the un-needed stuff from my engine bay. I don't want to just go in and start unbolting stuff if there is an easy way...
  5. Radius arm mounts

    Been working on a SAS on an 88 Ranger recently. Fullwidth axles. d44/9". I've run into an issue with the radius arm brackets. I've figured up where to mount my brackets to the frame, but the frame of the Ranger is too narrow, it seems, to run the brackets bolted straight to the frame. I...
  6. Trac-bar fab

    Going to be putting a 79 Bronco d44 under my 88 Ranger. Looking into trac-bar fab right now. What are y'all using for your trac-bars? Bushings? Heims? Johnny Joints? If y'all don't mind, please post up what type of joint you are using, and what size it is. As well as what size, type, and...
  7. Junkyard Radiator

    My internet connection is too crappy for searching. I'm sorry if this question has been asked alot.. If I recal correctly, James Duff carries a v8 swap radiator for RBVs. I also recalling them bein' a tad pricey. Are there any suitable stock radiators that will be easy to make fit into a...
  8. 2.3L mustang interchange with 2.0L ranger

    I currently have a carb'd 2.0L in my 1988 Ranger, and it started knocking. I have a line on a complete fuel injected 2.3L from a 1993 mustang. Is there any way I can swap the carb stuff onto the 2.3L to make it work in my Ranger? Could I just swap the head, oil pan, intake, and carb onto the...
  9. M5OD-R1 vs M5OD-R2

    My ranger currently has a 2wd M5OD-R1. When I put in a 302, I want to run the 4x4 M5OD-R2 (with a tcase, obviously), so hooking up the clutch and everything will be easy. My question is, is will I need to cut another hole in the floor for the shifter, or would I be lucky enough that the R2...
  10. Truck won't start when wet

    1988 Ranger 2wd 2.0L Carb'd If I splash through any water, small puddles, light rain, etc, my truck dies and won't start back up. Starter turns the motor just fine, lights all work, etc. But my truck won't fire up. A guy I once talked to said it was my coil packs on the fender getting wet...
  11. d35 into a 2wd

    Are there any real complications in swapping a d35 (91 Explorer) into a 1988 2wd Ranger? Or is it really all a bolt in? I know the engine crossmember will be a problem.. I just don't know if there will be any more problems I'd run into.
  12. Belltech Shackles

    How long are the belltech 6400 shackles from bolt hole to bolt hole? I've asked this several times, but I haven't ever gotten an answer. Thanks guys -Brandon

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