How strong of a voice does an online automotive enthusiast group have?

Well here at The Ranger Station, we have a pretty strong one. Of course, it does help if the manufacturer you’re loyal to is actually listening to its customers.

The Ranger Station Fire is a social media guide for executives, and is based on a situation that occurred between The Ranger Station and Ford back in 2008.

This is from the introduction:

The Ranger Station Fire is a story that should be read by every executive who is considering the adoption of New/Social Media communications vehicles into their organizations. The story takes a detailed look at how Ford Motor Company took a potentially embarrassing public relations snafu and systematically resolved it through the use of New Media channels. It takes a real-time look at the event’s origins and how the automaker used various New Media channels to deal with it, and finally ends with a list of lessons that executives should consider before diving into the New Media pool.


You can read it by clicking HERE, or on the image above.

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