What / When / Where:

TheRangerStation.com will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary with a trail ride on Saturday September 7th 2019 at the Southington Offroad Park 10321 Silica Sand Rd. Garrettsville OH 44288.

(Click HERE For Directions)


Southington Offroad charges the following fee to use the park:

One Day Pass: $25 Vehicle & Driver / $5 per passenger
Weekend Pass: $40 Vehicle & Driver / $5 per passenger
Children 15 years and under are FREE!

This fee is for the park. TheRangerStation.com is NOT charging any fee to come out and celebrate with us.

Southington Offroad allows you to sign their waiver online ahead of time.

Camping at Southington Offroad:

Southington Offroad offers onsite camping with a bath house. The cost is:

Primitive camp sites: $10 per person per day.
Camp sites with electric are an additional $10 per night.

Their website says they have (16) electric sites, and unlimited primitive sites. Sites are first come first serve. No reservations.

Southington Offroad Amenities:

Other than the campground, Southington Offroad offers a covered pavilion that we will be using, a bath house, and even a building that offers drinks and lunch.

Chinese Raffle:

We will be having a Chinese Raffle on Saturday to disperse the assorted items that have been donated for this event.  A small box will be labeled for each item in the raffle. You will have the chance to purchase tickets, and stick them in the box for the items you’re interested in winning. This way we know that the items are going to the people that actually want them. The money raised will be used to cover the costs of the event stickers, cakes, and anything else that may be given away to those in attendance.

Ticket prices will be $1.00 each / (6) for $5.00 / (12) for $10.00 Tickets will be available to purchase Saturday morning.

Friday Activities:

We will be designating a location for a Friday evening social gathering. The exact location will be listed on the 20th Anniversary Trail Ride Page.

We will be posting on facebook on Friday night, so you can get updated information by checking out our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheRangerStation/

Saturday Activities:

The gate to the park opens at 9am. Saturday will consist of a trail ride, and the Chinese raffle. I’m not sure what the park has to offer for lunch, so I would suggest bringing your own lunch and drinks. Saturday night will likely consist of a gathering at the offroad park. Maybe we’ll just order some pizzas and hang out at the pavilion. We’ll decide this as a group on Saturday.

Sunday Activities:

The offroad park is open Sunday until 5pm for anyone wanting to wheel some more.

Links / Updates:

Check out the 20th Anniversary Trail Ride page for more information about our sponsors, Southington Offroad Park, and this event.

Check out the 20th Anniversary Forum for more details about the event and the items that have been donated.

Register Below:

Please register as soon as possible, and no later than Friday August 23rd. It’s important that people register as soon as they can so we know how many people will be attending. Thanks!



Do you plan on camping at Southington Offroad?

Waiver / Agreement: This event is being held at Southington Offroad Park, and you agree to comply with any rules / requirements set forth by Southington Offroad Park. You agree to release and hold harmless The Ranger Station, The Ranger Station Staff, 959 Media LLC, and James Oaks with respect to any and all injury, disability or death or loss or damage to personal property. If you choose to engage in these activities, it is by your own free will and at your own risk.