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Default Idle Problems 98 Ranger

The pattern is that the engine will go to a high idle when warm, 3200, and then will, after several seconds or so slow to about 1200, but never return to 800 or 900 as it is supposed. If this was an older Ford I would say that the "dashpot" needs to be replaced, but I don't know how the idle control is handled with this motor. Is it a vacuum leak? I replaced the auto hubs with manual because the originals were not working. Is there a possibility a vacuum leak there? Otherwise where might I look to find the culprit? The engine has only 115 thousand on it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, BC
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Yes, the PVH could be your vacuum leak. That solenoid looks like it is near the passenger headlamp area.

Another common vacuum leak spot is the PCV elbow at the rear of the head/valve cover.

It is very easy to clean the IAC. It controls idle airflow.
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Idle air control valve is most the most likely culprit - it's a small electric air valve that allows air to bypass the throttle body, usually bolted to the side of the throttle body. The computer controls it to adjust/stabilize the idle speed. Sounds like it's sticking open a bit. Almost all Ford engines develop IAC valve issues as they age - clean or replace the valve to rule it out as the problem before going on a labor intensive vacuum leak hunt.

Alternately, if your coolant temperature sensor is bad, the computer will never come out of warm-up mode, and will continue to command a fast idle. If this is the case you should also be seeing always-cold temperatures on the dashboard temp gauge. A defective thermostat overcooling the engine would have the same symptom.
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