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Default Testing a 93 2.3 coil pack?

I did a search and found the thread about the resistance test being

I had previously found this online and, altho this of course isn't the
same configuration of a coil, figured there might be a way to do this
on mine. Of course, my oem shop manual doesn't include that info,
would have to have the "Powertrain and Emissions" manual, too.


Can anyone shed any light or first hand experience on this?

I'm not sure one way or the other on my coil packs - just got the
thing on the road after buying it and then working on it for 6 weeks -
it had been horribly neglected on maintenance which caused the
expected component failures or problems.

Anyway, in 5th gear it will barely pull itself up even a modest grade
on the freeway, even starting from flat road at an indicated 67
on the speedo, but that's an actual 71 calculated.

The meathead I bought it from had put tires on it that are 2-1/2"
larger in diameter, so the rpms at i.e. 67 indicated / 71 actual
(calculated) are barely above 2300, so definitely not up near a
decent point in the torque curve. That hopefully will be rectified
this weekend with some smaller dia tires. (3.45 rear)

It starts, idles, and runs fine in 1st thru 4th without any obvious
missing and it seems to respond fairly well to throttle in the lower
gears, but with the tires out of balance and the exhaust leak and
my poor hearing, I can't be sure if it's missing under load in 5th
or not. Feels real weak in 5th and not all that strong in 4th even -
takes quite awhile even on flat road to get up to 60+ indicated
in 4th. Maybe feels that way cuz I haven't driven a 4 cyl for
quite a number of years, but still isn't what I would expect.

I'm starting to go thru and doing the usual tests, gonna do the
code readouts this weekend, etc. (I built and installed a warmed
up 351 Lightning motor that I converted to an "enhanced" mass air
system in what was originally a 5.0 HO speed density car so have
a fair amount of experience with the basic system.)

Appreciate any insights!

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