By Jim Oaks

After breaking an aftermarket braided brake line I took it to a local Autozone parts store to find a temporary replacement.  The guy at the counter took the line and actually pieced two (2) lines together to create a 24-inch rubber brake hose.

The first photo below shows the two individual hoses.  The second photo shows the two hoses connected next to the old aftermarket braided hose.

Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.

 Connect to the Internet if you can't see this image.

(Photo by ‘crawlin91’)

The new lines shown are ‘Brakeware’ that I bought from Autozone.  Their part numbers are listed below along with a cross reference to other manufacturers part numbers.

You need (2) hoses from each list below to assemble and make (2) complete brake hoses:

Manufacturer Part #   Manufacturer   Part#
Brakeware 77226 + Brakeware 88291
Wagner   F106887 + Wagner F43757
Bendix 77226 + Bendix  88291
Raybestos BH3684 +  Raybestos BH36593

So, the 77226 gets connected to the 88291 to form (1) hose. Repeat for the other side.

The #77226 cost me $10.00 and the #88291 cost $9.00.  At that rate it costs around $40.00 to do both sides.  The positive note would be that you could get the hoses from any parts store and could only have to replace 1/2 the line if you broke one instead of having to buy a new set from a suspension manufacturer.

Better Option (Because we always look for a better way):

Submitted by Bob:

These hoses are 26″ long:


Manufacturer Part # Manufacturer Part #
Brakeware 70053 Brakeware 70054
Raybestos BH38622 Raybestos BH38623
Wagner BH120541 Wagner BH120542


There are (2) numbers because there is a right and left side. Unlike the hoses above, these do not have to be pieced together.

Get the right and left brake line for a 1995 Chevrolet Truck K2500 3/4ton Sub 4WD 7.4L TBI 8cyl.

Rock Auto lists these hoses fitting:


CHEVROLET K2500 PICKUP (1989 – 1995)
CHEVROLET K2500 SUBURBAN (1992 – 1995)
CHEVROLET K3500 PICKUP (1988 – 1995)
GMC K2500 PICKUP (1989 – 1995)
GMC K2500 SUBURBAN (1992 – 1995)
GMC K3500 (1988 – 1995)


Brakeware 70053

Brakeware 70054

(Photo by ’89PBR86′)


The 1983-1988 Ford Ranger, and 1989-1994 Ford Ranger without ABS uses a drivers side T-block to divide the brake line. You’ll need to get a T-fitting for a 3/16 inch brake line with two female and one male connections.

Submitted By brendank69:

The extension line is 13″ long. A stock 1991 F-350 line is 21.5″ long. Once pieces together, the line is roughly 34″ long. The F-350 and ranger lines use the same thread and mount to the caliper in the same way. It would be helpful if someone could also provide the length of a stock ranger line.

Since the rear brakes are also fed by a 3/16″ brake line, the same extension line can be used to lengthen the rear line. I used this method, and I have enough brake line to support 6″ skyjacker leafs and Belltech shackles with quite a bit of length to spare.

I found that the article was really helpful, but it would have saved me time if I had known some of the lengths of different lines before I went to the parts store. The more that readers know, the easier it is to piece the appropriate lines together to make something that fits your application


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