By Jon O’Data

The Ranger, like many late-model vehicles, has factory installed fog lights. While the purpose of a fog light should not be confused with a driving light, I had a hard time even telling if they were on or not. Since I’m on the road a lot in all sorts of Pennsylvania weather in my 2002 Ranger, I set about finding a suitable upgrade.

Without getting into the trial-and-error of finding a better light bulb that fit, I finally found a replacement at J.C. Whitney. The stock 9145 bulb is shielded like a regular low-beam bulb but uses a high-beam type plug and is rated at 45 watts. The bulb I found at J.C. Whitney for $9.99 is a 9005 all-weather high-beam replacement bulb, their part number is 07UF6049U, and is rated at 65 watts. It also casts a somewhat yellow light like the conventional aftermarket foglights that we’re used to seeing, and is not shielded like the stock light.

fog3.jpg (9283 bytes)

The stock lights come out with a quarter-turn, and then you can easily remove the plug. I did learn that the new bulbs don’t seal quite as well but a thin bead of clear silicone around the base will fix it.

fog1.jpg (9487 bytes)

The ears, or bayonets for you camera buffs, are pretty much the same for both, however in this photo you can see that the one at 7 o’clock is a little bit lower on the J.C. Whitney bulb on the right. This is nothing that can’t be overcome on installation with some wiggling into the housing.

fog5.jpg (8393 bytes)

fog2.jpg (11792 bytes)

Here is a photo with one of the all-weather bulbs installed on the driver’s side of my Ranger. My only other recommendation if you do this mod is to not drive around with the foglights on all the time like a lot of people seem to do, because these are much brighter and could bother other drivers. I save them for actual fog and other bad weather. ~TRS

Update 02/2020:

You don’t have to find these bulbs at J.C. Whitney. Jon replaced his 45-watt 9145 Fog Light Bulb with a 65-watt 9005 High Beam bulb. You can find these at any parts store. As Jon mentioned, one of the locking tabs is in a slightly different position. Some people have managed to get them to go in to the fog light housing the way they are, and some people have filed some of the tab off to get it to fit.

This is not a Ford Ranger specific modification. You can upgrade the fog lights on any vehicle that uses a 9145 fog light bulb.


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