If you’ve lifted the suspension on your 1998 or newer 4WD Ford Ranger, than you’ve likely worn out your front driveshaft. The factory front driveshaft simply doesn’t survive at the angle created from lifting the suspension, which is why Superlift offers a replacement driveshaft P/N 9636.

(Ford Ranger factory front driveshaft at the top of the photo – Superlift 9636 front driveshaft at the bottom of the photo)

Below is the current price on the Superlift 9636 front driveshaft:

Build Your Own:

But what if you don’t want to pay that much?? Well, you could build your own.

Forum Member Mr. Bossley got the dimensions for the Superlift 9636 front driveshaft which is shown below:

As noted, the driveshaft is 32-inches extended, and 29-inches collapsed.

Here’s a couple more photos:

And for comparison, here are a few photos of a stock front driveshaft:


When asked how he built his own driveshaft, Mr. Bossley stated “I used a NEAPCO 1310 CV adapter with a TTB Ford Explorer front driveshaft and had it cut down a couple inches. But Powertrain Industries makes an adapter (Part # PTI 3102-411CV) that works better. its a little shorter, so you probably wouldn’t even have to cut the Explorer driveshaft.”

Explorer Driveshaft:

Here is what the 1990-1994 TTB Ford Explorer front driveshaft looks like

(1990-1994 Ford Explorer Driveshaft)

CV Flange Yoke:

NEAPCO – This is the NEAPCO CV Flange Yoke to bolt up the double cardan driveshaft to the Ranger’s transfer case. Click HERE to find it online.

Double Cardan CV Flange Yoke N2-83-288X by NEAPCO

Flange Yoke: 1310 series u-joint / (6) 0.323 Holes on 3.583 Bolt Cirlce

Powertrain Industries – This is the Powertrain Industries adapter Part # PTI 3102-411CV:

Flange Yoke – Series: 1310 / Bolt Circle: 3.583 / Bolt Holes: .328 / Pilot: 4.094

According to Powertrain Industries – “This 1310 CV conversion flange fits in the factory front transfer case flange of late model Ford Rangers and Explorers. It allows you to build a Spicer CV style shaft to replace the factory GKN style. “Rectangular Bolt Pattern 1.800 x 3.125”

Click HERE for more information.


So, you now know what driveshaft to use, that the length should be 32-inches extended, and 29-inches collapsed, and what to use for a flange yoke to attach it to the transfer case.

If you build your own front driveshaft, send us some photos and details of what you did.


Original forum submission

Powertrain Industries P/N PTI 3102-411CV

NEAPCO N2-83-288X CV Flange Yoke

Ford Explorer Front Driveshaft (1990-1994)

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