When Ford debuted the 2019 Ford Ranger, I told Ford management that they needed to include the upfitter (auxiliary) switches with the FX4 package. These switches aren’t new to Ford. Ford started installing these in their Super Duty trucks in 2005. It was great for work trucks that needed to control auxiliary lighting, but Ford didn’t offer it to the off-road community until the 2010 Ford Raptor. I emphasized how all off-roaders need these switches, not just Ford Raptor owners. They should be standard with every off-road package. Ford game me a 2019 Ranger FX4 to use for 6-months that we named the Loan Ranger, and at the end of that loan I submitted my recommendations on improving the truck and again suggested adding upfitter switches.

When Ford introduced the Tremor package for the 2021 Ford Ranger, they finally offered off-roaders 6-auxiliary switches mounted on the dash (see photo above).

NOTE: This information is also available in your Ford Ranger owner’s manual.

Wiring The Switches:

The auxiliary switch option package provides six switches mounted in the instrument panel. These switches operate when the vehicle is running. We recommend, however, that the engine remain running to maintain battery charge when using the auxiliary switches for extended periods of time or higher current draws.

When switched on, the auxiliary switches provide electrical battery power for a variety of personal or commercial uses.

Switch 1 is provided with 25 amps fuse (Yellow wire)

Switch 2 is provided with 15 amps fuse (Green wire with brown trace)

Switch 3 is provided with 10 amps fuse (Violet wire with green trace)

Switch 4 is provided with a 5 amps fuse (Brown wire)

Switch 5 is provided with a 5 amps fuse (Blue wire with orange trace)

Switch 6 is provided with a 5 amps fuse (Yellow wire with orange trace)

The relay box for the auxiliary switches is in the left front (driver side) of the engine compartment.

To use the switches, attach the power wire for your accessory to the color-coded wire for the switch you want to use.

If you want one of the switches to operate something rated higher than the factory auxiliary switch such as an air compressor, use the Rangers auxiliary switch as the accessory switch that triggers an aftermarket relay that sends power from the battery to your compressor.

The relays are coded as shown:

Each switch includes a blunt-cut, wire located next to the auxiliary fuse and relay box in the left front of the engine bay.

Relay Box:

Fuse or Relay No. Fuse Rating Protected Component
1 25A (1) Fuse 11A and 11B
2 20A (1) Fuse 12A and 12B
3 25A (2) Relay AUX1
4A Not used
4B Not used
5 15A (2) Relay AUX2
6 Not used
7 Not used
8 Not used
9 Not used
10 Not used
11A 10A (3) Relay AUX3
11B 5A (3) Relay AUX4
12A 5A (3) Relay AUX5
12B 5A (3) Relay AUX6
13 Relay AUX3 violet with green trace.
14 Relay AUX4 brown.
15 Relay AUX5 blue with orange trace.
16 Relay AUX2 green with brown trace.
17 Relay AUX6 yellow with orange trace.
18 Relay AUX1 yellow.

(1) LPJ-type fuse.
(2)  M-type fuse.
(3)  Mini fuse

The power leads are coded as shown:

Switch Circuit Number Wire Color Fuse Amp Rating
AUX 1 CAC05A Yellow 25A (1)
AUX 2 CAC06A Green with brown trace 15A (1)
AUX 3 CAC07A Violet with green trace 10a (2)
AUX 4 CAC08A Brown 5A (2)
AUX 5 CAC13A Blue with orange trace 5A (2)
AUX 6 CAC14A Yellow with orange trace 5A (2)

1 M-type fuse
2 Mini fuse

A – Press tabs to release mounting bracket.
B – Auxiliary fuse and relay box.
C – The power lead location.

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