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Poker Run III – April 23rd Fernley NV


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Aug 31, 2014
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This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby and I enjoy organizing and hosting events for fellow enthusiasts. I pay for the website and store system out of my own pocket to make sharing information and registering easier on everyone.

Expectations of participants.
Our trail runs are planned around having fun, seeing sites, and traveling specific amounts of mileage per day / event. This means if you participate, you are aware of the mileages needing to be covered per day and that you are expected to cover them in a reasonable time frame. Our group is NOT a "fly as fast as you can" group, but at the same time we are not a crawler group. We enjoy offroading with all types of trucks/SUVs , therefore the routes and daily mileage requirements are selected with non modified 4X4 vehicles in mind. By signing up, you understand we ask that when the trail conditions allow, you drive at a safe pace that can allow you to cover the terrain / distance as expected by the group.

Offroad Poker Trail Run III – April 23rd

For the third Poker Run, we are mixing it up. It will be an afternoon run with lunch on the trail followed by dinner in Fernley, NV. After dinner, we will be doing a shorter version of the trails we just ran for those who want to use their lights as intended. The Poker Run will be the day run and the night run will be for those who want to "double or nothing" as someone put it.

Poker Run 3 (Trip Aces) is on April 23rd and will cover around 158 miles of dirt trails. These trails are a mix of everything the desert throws at you, from smooth sections to slow washouts. Please remember this is NOT a race or competition, so take it easy when on the trail. There are washouts that can snap axles if you're trying to be Robby Gordon. This is a fun run like always and open to any and all offroad trucks.

Sign up here:

Meet time - 9:00am
Depart - 9:30am to get to dirt air down
ADDRESS: Flying J - 480 Truck Inn Way, Fernley, NV 89408

Black Bear Diner, Fernley: The final card stop will be the dinner stop.
Address: 1190 E. Main St., Ste. B, Fernley, NV 89408
Planned arrival time is ~ 6:00pm

Night run will start from the diner at 7:30pm and end around 10pm as we are doing a shorter loop.

The $50 costs cover the following:
- $15 - Poker buy-in
- $30 - Decals (number of your choice as shown below)
- Decals do not harm your paint and are a pick and stick product. Test to 189 MPH and stayed on.
- $5 - PayPal Fee

The poker run trail game:

Players: A team consists of the participants riding in a single rig. A team can consist of a single driver, or as many passengers vehicle can legally hold. We encourage this as a family or couples event as the trails are as smooth as trails can get and is meant to be a fun outing.

Objective: This is a 5 card stud game. Participants can stay in a group or if they want to do their own thing can drive ahead to the check points to pick up the next playing card. Check points will be noted by a flag so you know you to jump out and grab a playing card.

How to Play: At the start of the event, teams are given a packet with GPS locations (street addresses and times checkpoints are open). At each checkpoint teams will be able to choose their playing card.

Distance covered: The group will cover 150 miles off offroad trails and no pavement till the drive to the restaurant.

NOTES: This is not a time and distance rally or the fastest car wins event. This is a meant to be a fun trail event with a “game” added to it to make it different. Goal of the outing is to be fun and social NOT a race! There is no “civilized” restroom on this run so plan accordingly.

How to Win: This Poker Run is about the experiences and the adventure, but the prizes at the end are not bad either ;-). The winning team is the one with the best hand at the end at the lunch stop. Payouts are given to the teams with the top three hands.

Payout: First place receives 50%, second place receives 30%, and third place receives 20%. The more participants there are, the bigger the pot will be. All fees collected go to the event as noted below.

Costs: $30 for decal with number of your choice, $15 poker buy in, $5 for maps and PayPal collection fee (GRR)

Lunch: Is pack it in and out this time

Maps: GPS map files will be sent to those who register for the event. Printed maps will be made for those who don't have a GPS or GPS app.

If the weather turns south on us, a full refund will be given a week prior to the event. After that partial refunds will be give as decals will have been printed. They will be mailed to you if canceled and a new date selected to do the run.

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