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1985 bii 2.8 a whole lot issues and questions about timing.........


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Jul 31, 2012
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So heres the deal... I am having stalling and bucking issues upon acceleration? I've checked the other threads and have tried everything. Mechanic replaced the tps, iac, rebuilt carb.new egr valve positioner, new tranny rebuild, plugs, wires, air filter, breather filter, fuel filter, valve seals..... so heres the questions!
I had the timing checked after replacing the tps, found vacuum leaks on the vac solenoid going to the carb about a month later , so i repaired the vac leaks would that screw with the timing?
Cleaned all sensors!,
Had codes pulled, and everthing is great except, code 25 knock sensor, its right above the starter and is discontinued, I went to the pull and pay and found one and replaced it, I disconnected the battery for atleast an hour to reset the codes but the mechanic told me hed have to rest them, is this true? And also I cant find any 25 code during the engine running test, I watched him do it with a snap on scanner and read the code.

Its a manual trans, 31"tires........I cant do duraspark conversion at all I live in the denver metro area so please don't tell me to rip it all out and do it.

Please any advice at all would help or if anyone is in the denver metro that would like to come and take a look at this let me know, I'll buy u a case of beer and give some cash!

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