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  1. M5ODR1 rebuild

    I'm looking to do a full rebuild of my 2000 Mazda B4000s transmission, it's got the 4.0L, 4WD, M5ODR1 trans, the case is spotless, but the guts are trashed, I know the bell housings are different for different engines, but can I take the internals from another M5ODR1 of a different engine and...
  2. Cost to rebuild engine and transmission

    I have gotten a 2001 Mazda B3000 3.0 automatic trans, (320,000 miles) 2wd, I’m looking to get a ball park figure and getting both transmission and engine rebuilt. They are both leaking transmission fluid and engine oil really bad from all different places so in order to fix the leaks it would...
  3. 1987 2wd 5 speed ford Ranger tk5 transmission shifter fell out of my transmission and idk where to find the part

    My shifter in my truck that you use to shift with fell out of the thing that holds it in and I think the transmission is a Toyo Koygo 5 speed but I don't really know that much about it and my truck is a 5 speed 2wd 1987 2.9l Ford Ranger, so if anyone knows where to get the part or how to fix the...
  4. Biggie

    Need a diagnosis! Pulleys, belts, or transmission?

    My 2.9L with an A4LD has begun making this noise at around 4000 RPMs, but once I drop below or gain about 500 RPMs the noise goes away. What gives? Sorry for posting twice in such a short time frame, just trying to get as much information as possible.
  5. Biggie

    Grinding/Screeching noise when shifting into 3rd Gear (I'm assuming). What's the Diagnosis?

    As the video shows, when I accelerate fast and hit 3rd gear, there is a high-pitched grinding, before the noise stops after a few seconds. I've never worked with transmissions much, especially automatics, so any help would be much appreciated.
  6. 98 ford ranger Chevy 350 swap

    I have a 98 ford ranger. I’m on a tight budget doing solid axle swap and have Chevy transmission what ford transfer case bolt up to Chevy tranny
  7. Transmission Jerking... Should I flush? Replace? or Something Else?

    Hey All, I have a 1991 Ford Ranger 3.0. V6. It has the original engine and original transmission. I know very little on the mechanical side of cars (I deal with more electrical, I'm not great at it, but I'm learning as I go). I've been fixing more electrical issues than mechanical. Anyways...
  8. Speedometer

    I have a 99 2wd ford ranger and been having trouble with the speedometer not working and rough transmission shifts. I’ve changed the speed sensor 3 times and nothing is helping.
  9. 4R70W issues

    I have just wired in the Dakota Digital SGI-100BT and I believe I've got a speed signal because the speedo is working in the truck. I've got it adjusted pretty close to right with the gps on my phone but the trans wont shift. I can make it shift by going from drive into second but other than...
  10. shaneisaghost

    2005 Ford Ranger XLT 4v4(120k miles) Transmission or Timing belt problem?? Or?

    problem Just purchased a 2005 ford ranger colt fx4 120k miles. We test drove it twice for 30 minutes each, downhill, steering, brakes, slip rear, etc. the truck was perfect so I bough it. I drove it home in the freeway and it just died on me. Don’t know much about trucks need advice. Timing...
  11. 4r44e Wiring Question

    TLDR: What does the 2 wire connector in the picture go to and how much will it suck to reconnect it?? I have a 150K+ miles 1996 Ford Ranger, Automatic and I've had issues with the transmission. I only paid $1000 for the whole truck so a rebuild kinda ruins my investment costs. I am trying to...
  12. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 and trans options

    Hi all, first off i apologize if these questions are answered in here already. Ive never used forms before, and there is a ton of info in here and on the site, good work. A little overwhelming at times. Anyways my questions. Background story first. I do not have a ranger but am looking...
  13. thcscubajohn

    T-5 or Viper 6 speed

    Hello TRS transmission community, the title says it all I'm torn between using a T5 or a Tremec Viper 6 speed for my Ranger project. I've mentioned in a couple other threads the details but will again. The drivetrain will consist of a 4.0 ohv built into a Morana 4.3 and is expected to reach ~...
  14. Transmission Swap Help

    So I did a auto to manual trans swap. The manual trans is from an 01 my truck is a 99. I adapted the 99s wiring harness to plug in with the manual. I also Swapped in the ecu from the 01. After all this the truck doesn't try to start at all. If anyone knows away to solve this it would be greatly...
  15. I Need help!!!

    I have a 1993 ford ranger with a 4.0 and auto trans I just swapped the trans cuz I lost first gear. After the swap the truck holds idle and can redline but once I put a load on it (drive ect) after 1500 rpm the truck starts to die to keep it going I pump the gas but after it catches up stalls...
  16. 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 v6 4x4 will not engage in any gear, revs in every gear

    So I went off roading and launched off a jump in my prerunner and cased the landing, I bottomed out my rear susspension enough to buck my rear wheels off the ground and nose wheely for a few feet. After that I went to step on the throttle to keep going but my truck would just rev as if it was in...
  17. transmission year

    I have a FM 145 5 speed transmission. I wanted to see anyone could tell me what year it is. this the info; model # FM 145, t/m assy # E57A 7003 KC, build code 020526. I searched the wed, but I did not it.:icon_confused: thanks.
  18. 1993 Ranger 4X4 Engine / Transmission Installation

    Hey Guys, I am putting a rebuilt engine and rebuilt automatic transmission in my 1993 Ford Ranger this weekend. I pulled them out separately, but I was wondering if it is possible to install them together as one unit? Looks like space might be tight, but I think it may be possible. I plan...
  19. 4L Manual Trans Harness Mystery

    1997 Ford Explorer 4L SOHC So I did an Automatic Trans swap from 5R55E to the 5 peed M50D. all is well but the computer is not liking it! Here is what I did: On the Transmission wiring harness, from the two big connectors at the back of the engine, I cut out the DTR connector and used the...

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