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transfer case

  1. Tomm1468

    V8 swap, tcases.

    Hey all, I have a 2000 ranger 3.0 4x4 ext cab that the engine recently blew. (which I cant say I i'm too sad about). Anyway, I purchased a 5.0 from a 00 mountaineer with only 90k miles, it includes the entire engine, wiring harnesses, transmission, computer, and other small things. I spent a...
  2. For Sale 1992 ranger regular cab interior parts, 4wd parts, front axle

    1992 sclb Located Lexington, SC Seats -sold Door panels with power window cutouts- sold Trim - sold Seat belts - $20 each 4wd module for push button 4.0 auto, untested. $15 Ttb d35 axle, 3.27 gear. $100 or trade for 2wd beams 1989+ Transfer case still in car, $150 Auto trans, still in car -...
  3. Warner Gear 1350 -1354 Manual found

    I came across this manual while searching the web. Thought others would find it useful too. BW 1350 and 1354 https://drive.google.com/file/d/17C331PrWNfkvQOGyJ12Hrf3gQ_YnzobV/view?usp=sharing The link was found on this page https://www.car-repairmanual.com/transmission/
  4. Questions about 2000 Ranger 4x4

    Ok so the other night I was out on a dirt road and came across an area with about 2 1/2 feet of snow. Basically just to the under side of the motor. Anyways I came to a stop and moved 4x4 selector switch to 4h. When it lit up I tried to move. Nothing happened except what seemed to be tire spin...
  5. 98 ford ranger Chevy 350 swap

    I have a 98 ford ranger. I’m on a tight budget doing solid axle swap and have Chevy transmission what ford transfer case bolt up to Chevy tranny
  6. Banging in 4x4, high or low, Please help !!!

    I have to say I Love my stock 2004 Arizona Beige Metallic 4x4 Ranger, but I am about at my wits end with this truck. When in 4wd, high or low, there is a horrendous banging noise coming from the driveline and multiple shops (including several dealers) cannot seem to be able to figure it out (one...
  7. DirtBronco

    BII/2nd Gen Ranger T-Case Question

    Is it normal to have the e-selector button tray on the dash in tandem with a manual transfer case lever? The buttons are blank, no 4x4/Low written on them, but there's have a noticeable click when I press them. From what I've seen on junkyard Rangers, there's usually a fake vent that goes...
  8. 1989 Bronco ii Trouble taking off

    Hey guys,new here. So i purchased this 89 bronco ii back in the winter time and its been a great little ride, 2.9 Auto and 4x4. Well here recently ive been hearing a little bit of a loud noise which it sounds like its coming out of the torque converter. I have also noticed, even when i first...
  9. V8 Swap What Transmission??

    So I want to swap a 302 into my 83 ranger and I’m thinking about using the T5 transmission but I want to know if I can use 4wd with it. Do I need a special adapter? Is there a T5 that can fit the transfer case ?
  10. bootsandpaddles

    New guy - 2011 Ranger

    Hey all, new guy here. I'm looking forward to being an active member of this community. A little about me: I'm a 30 something ecologist who lives in Eastern Washington. I use my truck to commute to work, and I sometimes use it as my work truck. I also use it on the weekends for camping and ski...
  11. yoshi

    Broke transfer case housing city driving.

    Howdy everyone. I’m having some very troubling issues with my ranger. I snapped 2 of the tiny 1210 u joint on the rear drive shaft wheeling. I removed the rear shaft and used the 4hi with the front drive shaft to get home. When driving to the drive line shop I hear a loud crack/pop and all my...
  12. 1999 3.0 Misery

    Picked up 99 Ranger 3.0, reg cab, 4x4 automatic the other day. 90K miles and it looks pretty good. It ran rough, and the transmission shifted poorly, and there were no dash lights to the 4x4, and no transfer case response. I suspect the GEM is bad, as there are other electrical indicators...
  13. 4x4 not engaging

    94 ranger 4.0 manual push button manual hubs. When I push the button nothing happens other than my headlights dim for a second. No 4x4 lights light up even when I turn the key on and start it up. I did the push button test and the light blinks like the book says. Seems that all my fuses are in...
  14. 96-4x4

    BW 1354 electric missing harmonic damper

    Thread moved to 4wd systems - sorry
  15. 4x4 troubleshooting.

    Hello guys I'm rather new, have always read these forums and figured I'd join since I'm on here all the time. Well here's the problem: My 4x4 is not working. I got a new transfer case motor last fall and I went to get a new selector switch to see if that was the problem but it still wouldn't...
  16. 98 4x4 module/GEM wiring

    Hello, I've posted about this before, but in a less specific way. I have a 98 xlt, 4x4 5spd. I can shift into 4 high fine. When switched to 4 low, no relay clicks, no flashing lights. I've taken the motor off and it will turn either way with 12v and the tc can be turned in 4 low. I imagine...
  17. Which Transfer Case with T5

    I have a 88 ford ranger and a 1997 ford explorer 5.0. I want to convert the ranger with a T-5 transmission. Since the AA adapter is discontinued, is my only option to replace the transfer case. I have read a lot of articles on this site and can not find a definitive answer on what is the best...
  18. 4x4 Low not working.

    4x4 Module Pin Out/Wiring Diagram Hello, this is my first post! I have read around this site and many others and still cannot find exactly what I need. 98 Ranger XLT-4.0-5spd My 4x4 high works fine. I can switch between 2wd and 4x4 high with no problems. It will not however switch into 4x4...
  19. 1994 B4000 4x4 not working

    hey all, New to the site, need some help/advice!! I have a 94' B4000, the 4x4 has stopped working. Originally it would stick, sometimes whe I would push the 4x4 button the light would come on but not engage the 4x4, and would take a few tries to work. Now it just dosn't engage at all. when I...
  20. Finnegan

    Atlas Transfer Case

    Has anyone ever installed an Atlas Transfer case? They make a 2-speed Manual Transfer case and I would like to know if anyone is currently using them. And how they like it compared to the Borg Warner Transfer Case.

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