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  1. Leaf springs AND coilovers in the rear?

    I just posted about upgrading the engine in my 2wd 1992 Ranger, 2.3l to make it faster. (here's the thread) But along with making it faster, I want to make the truck a little stiffer to handle corners better, and with less body roll. I've looked into a 4 link rear coilover conversion kit, and...
  2. New Improvements

    I love this forum and all the input ive gotten on previous threads. I bought my Bronco about 6 months ago and have been working on getting it to perform in the mountain of colorado (6600-10000ft elevation) depending on where im driving. Heres what Ive done. Any thing else anybody knows that...
  3. 351c Engine Swap

    So I am going to swap my stock engine with a 351 Cleveland and I was wondering while we were building it what kind of performance parts I would want and/or need, and then also what kind of exhaust would sound deep and mean on it. Thanks for the help.
  4. need pistons asap

    My 2.8 is at the machine shop and i want to push a performance piston. :3gears: where do i buy anything for my 2.8? i have already seen the 2.8 performance page on here. but i can't find pistons. i need something asap. :pray: any help[ please!?!
  5. Stock ranger, what should my first upgrades be?

    Hey guys, I'm 14, got my permit. I'm planning on getting a job soon here so I can pay for my upgrades I'd like to do. I just don't know where to start. My brother and I go out and offroad and I want better performance on the trail. I want to get started upgrading now so my Ranger can be ready...
  6. what kind of power can i expect '94 4.0 v6

    the motor in my truck is about to go so im just going to swap in a reman short block, im figuring while im at it im going to cam it port the cylender heads and upper and lower intake to match have the heads shaved about 30 thou swap in bigger injectors maf and cai and see about a custom tune for...
  7. High engine temp without overheating

  8. 4.0 ohv ultimate performance build lets go nuts

    im building a new engine for my 1995 ranger its not gonna be my daily driver much longer so im gonna go nuts. the 4.0 ohv is at this moment a bare block in my garage. heres what i have planned so far tom morana 4.3 stroker kit, stage 3 heads, performance cam, sts twin turbo setup on at about...
  9. can a 2.3 make vulcan power

    my dad just bought a newer more robust ranger so his old 95 2.3 5spd is coming my way eventually i want to swap in a 3.0 possibly a duratech but for now what can i do to help the little 4 banger move the truck i.e intake exhaust ignition cam head work. a few things ive heard is a mustang to end...
  10. Some Performance Issues and Other Questions

    Hey folks, Just cruised around the Corral and Ranger Station some and saw some of the info under the 2.9 Engine. I figure now is as good a time as any to ask some questions about some 'problems' that I've been having as well as ask for advice on a few other things. First of all, I have a 1990...
  11. 94 Ranger Performance Help

    Would like to add a few things here and there to add some HP, nothing huge now, hopefully can get a turbo in the near future. any suggestions? 2.3 engine
  12. Duel Plugs Fire Together?

    I read somewhere that I can switch the intake side plug wires to fire on the compression stroke (switch 1&4, 2&3) Has anybody heard of this? Theory is to have 2 plugs fire at same time instead of 1 on compression & 1 on exhaust. supposed to be that way for emmisions? Doe's this work? Can it...
  13. 2011 ranger chip

    Hey, just wondering if there are any decent chips for the 2011 ranger that arent like 200 bucks. im not looking for anything special just something to squeeze every drop i can out of my new truck.
  14. jlb0716

    Running Lean

    about a year or so ago I fabricated a cold/ram air intake with parts I purchased at autozone. since then my check engine light has been on and its because the engine is running lean at terminal 1, which is the O2 sensor before the cat. has anyone else had this issue? Im trying to decide if i...
  15. RangerRyan

    1988 2.0l carb more power?

    Hey, I got a 1988 2.0l carb engine what can i put in it to increase HP, torque and just over all power? I know I can buy a new carb, exhaust, and a K&N air filter but what else can I do and what kind of carb works the best?
  16. 1994 Ranger xlt 4x4 4.0L V6 Performance Upgrades and Maintenance

    Where should I start? I want two main things... more power, and more clearance (surprised?). Right now everything on the truck is stock and has been well maintained throughout the life of the truck. I am a Forestry student that would like to be use my truck on the highway and off road with out...
  17. supercharger?

    so i no for the 4.0 sohc u can use an eaton m90 supercharger and im wondering if i can use that on the 4.0 ohv engian or if there is another brand that will bolt on?? ne input??
  18. 95 Ranger XLT 2.3L Performance Issues and Mods

    Hey guys just bought a thoroughly used Ranger XLT 2.3L off of some guy and needing to do some maintenance to it. Figured with all the cool mods on this forum I'd use those upgrades as replacement parts, etc. For starters my Hayes manual is on its way from Amazon, and I'm needing to get the...

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