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  1. DavisRanger

    Before/after 88 Ranger XLT 4x4

    I’ll update more as I continue to do cosmetics. Right now my main focus is the engine. But, I’m pretty happy with the look so far. Just need a couple more changes externally and I’ll be there. Painted last April. My next move will be a roll bar/light bar and window tint. Interior is...
  2. 3M Adhesive Tape

    Howdy howdy, new here So I just bought a new to me 96 2.3 and the paint is in wonderful condition minus a few spots. But the big problem is they used 3M adhesive tape to stick the plastic drop in bed liner. And I hate those so I took it off. I need some help with what u can use to...
  3. where to buy factory paint

    I just got my 89 bronco 2 running but it has a rust hole in the roof. After thats fixed Im going to paint it the factory tan and brown It came with. I have been trying to find some where that will sell Ford factory paint but all I can find are the websites offering touch up paint. Does any one...
  4. paint?

    Soo I'm tired of the kinda awkward grey trim often found on early 90's Rangers so I've decided to paint my front bumper trim, grille, amd rear bumper black. Any suggestions on paint types and painting techniques? Help would be much appreciated :)
  5. Edgefevah

    Its business time.

    So here it is, my ford ranger. my first 4wd truck and over the time that I have owned it i have really grown to liking how easy parts are to come by for it and how cheap some of them can be. This is what it looked like when I bought it. since then I hydrolocked my first engine(totally didn't...
  6. 1988 Ranger Two-Tone Paint Problems

    Hey guys, Maybe you can help me figure out what paint I'm supposed to be looking for. My grandfather passed this truck to me. It actually belonged to both of my grandfathers at one time. I'd like to do some touch up. Here is the info from my door: As you can see my paint codes are listed as...
  7. Paint Options and other questions

    First, a local shop is having a deal for $270 base price paint jobs, so I'm rushing to earn the money and get my BII running, so now i have a possible issue: either way, I will black out the truck, so should I do gloss or satin? My friend's dad is taking his '70s Suburban to be painted OD Satin...
  8. will.moyer

    bronco 2 paint and body work

    :headbang:Ok so I need some help my b2 is the blue and white color I paid 700$ for it and it needs some serious body work. I want to paint it flat black and keep my white middle and get the blue and white stripes back and place them in the same spot as they were I have never seen a b2 like this...
  9. Paint Scheme?

    I was originally going to black it out, but the color scheme has grown on me, i do like whoever used an original Bronco grill and the basic FORD like a ranger on the hatch. its simple but if i did that, the grill would be black and FORD would be outlined in a 'ghost' grey or a white! Oh and does...
  10. Pbheadshots

    v2 Bronco 2 build

    Well this is version 2 of my old thread, since the whole process turned 180degrees the other direction, and the 88 is being brought back to life! What's going on: - 2.9 engine pulled - 2.9 cleaned and rebuilt - 2.9 painted - frame cleaning/derusting/painting with tractor paint - body work and...
  11. meskater132

    Chopping the Top on my BII

    I have a 1990 Ford bronco II 2.9ltr 5spd mitshu tranny So today I started the process of chopping the top on my BII :yahoo: so far started to gut the interior pulling carpet roof liner, and driver side body panneling. tommro i will start to pull the pass side, my plans are to -gut the...
  12. ClodSlayer

    Paint exhaust manifold?

    I have to do a head gasket job on my 4-banger, and while I was pulling it apart I realized that the exhaust manifold is kinda rusty... Not rusty to the point where it needs replacing, but rusty enough to look bad. I was wondering what the best way to paint it is, if there is one. And if there...
  13. adam83094

    New kid on the block.. needs some advice on his rims.

    I bought a 1999 B3000 the beginning of September. It has 15x8 pacer sawblades. I love the rims! they clean up real good with steel wool and look good except the ring of RUST. 1 of them has hardly any 2 of them are okay and 1 is getting bad. its not just surface rust it has eaten through the...
  14. William Spitzer

    Non-vinal letter removal

    So, i bought my truck from a painting company, and they apparently decided to put thier logo in purple metal flake paint on the sides. so my question is how can i get these off? or is it not possible?
  15. William Spitzer

    Painting Corner Lights

    i was thinking about painting my corner lights black to match my truck, (the one in my picture) because as far as i can tell they serve absolutely no purpose, is there any reason im overlooking that i shouldnt? are there any legal issues with painting pointless lights? (such as cops or state...
  16. Rory

    Grill swap

    I have a 97 B4000 4x4, and I was wondering if there is any ranger grills that fit my truck. I don't like the Mazda grill at all, and was looking for a billet grill or something. any information that could help me, that doesn't require me to swap the front clip would be great.
  17. Need a painter...

    Is there anyone that is, or know somebody that does good, professional paint for a low price? I just want to get my 98 Flareside re-painted because it's starting to show it's age.
  18. crusin93

    Anyone paint vehicles for a living or hobby?

    I'm a mechainc by trade but as of late I've turned to auto body work and fabrication to fill idle time. I know, not often do you do both but it's a fun and challenging set of skills to master. I enjoy a challenge, or a little bit of a beating. I'm almost finished with final blocking (320) of my...
  19. Paint Job Ideas??

    Hey everyone, I have a 87 Ford Ranger. I'm in the process of fixing it up. And one thing I'm eventually going to have to do is repaint it. It is currently dark blue with a gray and red stripe at the bottom of the body. So I was thinking about changing the color. So Id like to see some paint jobs...
  20. thebigyellowtruck

    Rust removal

    I am repainting my truck from the ground up in the spring. I need to get the rust off of my frame and under body. I was planning on just using a wire wheel to clean it all off, but recently i came across a rust removing gel called Ew Gel Rust Dissolver.(...

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