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  1. Mtrhd0024

    Converting Hella 700ff's to HID

    Converting Hella 700ff's to HID in 10 steps! Alright, so I saw how a guy converted his driving lights to HID, using a little bit of crafty fab work and some ballasts he bought off the internet. I've just converted my lights, and I figured I'd share how I did it! :D Disclaimer: I'm simply...
  2. davejoness3

    4 wheel drive is locked in but light wont come on????

    i have a 1993 ford ranger stx 4.0 v6 and i go to out it in 4 wheel drive and it kicks in but the light wont come on indicating that it is???? it feels like its on and i locked the hubs and then put it in 4 wheel drive? is there a different way to put it in? is there a wire shortage? or a...

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