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  1. compaqeo

    ignition always on?

    So when the battery is connected the idiot light(check engine) is always on even with the key out of the tumbler what should i check/do to find out why this is? Also im trying to bypass the clutch interlock but when i jump the wires so it can crank it cranks with out the key in? :icon_confused...
  2. Need help with gas mileage issue

    Hey guys! I am new to the forum and new to owning a ranger. I will jump right to the issue though. When I bought my 91 ranger a few months ago it was great. I was getting about 20-22 mpg. I had to replace my slave cylinder in the tranny and subsequently the O2 sensor cause it fouled out during...
  3. starter issues

    i have a 2001 ranger edge 4.0 automatic, i bought it about 2 weeks ago and it ran and drove fine but i went to change the corroded terminals and now it wont start. ive checked all the fuses and grounds they are all good, when i turn the ekey nothing happens except for the starter relay clicking...
  4. Ignition Problem?

    Hello, first time poster here. I purchased an 87 ranger about 2 months ago. Just recently had a problem where I started the car, it immediatley sounded off. Like it was working way to hard and did not feel comfortable at all. I went to turn off the ignition, didn't help, took out the...
  5. 2.9 ignition problem

    Need help with getting my 88 Ranger started. I took off for work this morning, made it into town, through a stop light, over the railroad tracks and it died. I coasted it into a parking lot, and tried to start it. It sounds like it wants to start - turns over real good - just won't actually...
  6. Will a 2.8 distributer work correctly in a 2.9?

    I was out mudding at a friends place and landed so hard the firewall shifted forward and cracked my Cap and broke off my ignition control module off the distributor. :annoyed: i have a 2.8 parts truck and i was curious if the distributor would work. Thanks

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