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  1. 1991 Ranger Supercab Drift Truck Dream

    Looking to build a hoonitruck inspired drift truck from my ranger. Want to buy a 5.0 explorer so I can swap parts, rear end, engine and trans etc , wondering what year would be best to go with and what parts can I get from the donor truck . Plan is to lower it and do custom wide body kit with...
  2. 2002 ford explorer sport trac Intermittent hard starting after driving

    Hi all, Been having this issue for a few months now and I feel its getting worse and its annoying as well. I have a 2002 ford explorer sport trac with the 4.0 with 187000 miles. The issue I'm having is that after I drive my truck even for short periods at a time, park it, shut it off and go do...
  3. stamina

    are the dash harnesses between a 92 and a 93 explorer the same?

    they both have electric shift ,power accessories and whatnot, but the 93 has the 4 wheel abs and the larger power distribution box with the relays inside. i’m assuming they’re the same? same dash and all that.
  4. Broken flywheel teeth and pinging

    Timeline of what happened: - Bought 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0 ohv / 5spd in January 2021 in good condition. - Starter gives out a couple months later, seemingly just due to age. Replaced it with a napa reman. All is fine for a few months. - Engine starts having a pinging issue under load...
  5. Nicworrell94rangwr

    Update on my 2000 4.0 C4 swap to my 94 Ranger

    Here’s the engine and trans along with everything else that came with. I’m looking into a wiring harness but I’m having issues finding one, if anyone has access to one please let me know. Also dash and gauge cluster any recommendations on where I can get those?
  6. Explorer rear axle swap question

    Been reading on how to do this swap on my Ranger and I think understand everything I need to do, but have one question before I buy donor axle from a junk yard. If I am planning on installing a locker, should I be looking for an open differential, LSD, or does it matter? Im thinking I want to...
  7. Video series for Explorer seat swap and center console!!

    Hey everyone, I finally got around to putting my 1999 leather heated explorer seats and full center console into my 2002 extended cab Ford Ranger with a manual. If anyone is looking to do it, I made a video series on youtube to help others out.
  8. Cluster swap questions

    I was looking for a Sport Trac cluster in a parts yard and while I didn't find one in a Trac, I found a 2001 Explorer (even had a 5 speed, nice!) with the same white face gauges so I picked it up. I was just wondering if this would be plug and play into a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5L. I've searched...
  9. Ranger/Explorer compatibility

    So I have done: power leather seats (not wired in YET)(no heat)(grey to match stock interior) Center console. I plan on doing soon: Over Head Console (OHC) Auto dimming rear view mirror And lighted visors. I was wondering what other explorer components fit/work on rangers. I have a 1999 XLT...
  10. Explorer center console removal

    Can anyone direct me to a good guide on how to remove the full center console from a 1995-2001 explorer? I found one on an explorer forum but it was incredibly vague. Didn't have much other luck. Looking to put the console and seats in my ranger and want to know how to remove them before I spend...
  11. SoCalltd

    ttb dana 44 in v8 explorer

    Alright here we go... My original plan was to buy a 91-94 explorer 4x4 to build into a mild wheeler and "pre runner". The plan will include f-150/Bronco Dana 44 TTB front and full width 8.8 from an f-150. I know the frame is wider and will need to lengthen the TTB 1" per beam in order to retain...
  12. Scobi64

    98 Ranger - 97 Explorer Swap?

    I have a 98 Ranger that had the 3.0 auto, my project is swapping a 5.0 v8 from the 97 explorer. I know that there is a lot of gray area between 97-98 because of the ECM and wiring. I want to know if anyone knows, is that swap possible? Or should I just find a 98-02 explorer to make my life easier?
  13. transmission interchange

    I put a good 5r55e transmission from a 97 explorer 4.0 4x2 into my 97 ranger 4.0 4x2. It won't shift.Only has 1st and reverse. Seems like it must be something electronic because it worked fine in the explorer. Anyone know if the electronics are different and can anything be done about it?
  14. Making 97 5.0 to 03 ranger jumper harness...need help

    Ive got an 03 ranger single cab that came with a 3.0 stick shift. I'm using an early 97 explorer pcm so I went to the junkyard and cut the 42 pin connector off of the body side of a 5.0 explorer and I cut the 42 pin engine harness side of the ranger. I want to make a jumper harness between the 2...
  15. Adding a luggage rack to your rbv

    Original Poster: chayse brooks Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: 30 minutes Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to...
  16. SCT tuner for 5.0 mountaineer computer

    My 03 5.0 ranger is running using an early 97 Mercury mountaineer computer. Pretty much the same as the early 97 explorer computer. I would post somewhere else if I knew where to go but my questions are: 1. Which SCT tuner should a buy to use on this setup 2. If I buy a used one that's unmarried...
  17. tworanger

    Ranger vs explorer tow rig

    I have a well maintained 97 ranger with 104,xxx miles with the 4.0 ohv, 5r55e, 4x4, 3.73 axle and the manual says it's rated for 5600lbs with a maximum of 50sq ft of frontal area. It has the tranny cooler in the radiator and a hitch, did this era actually have an official towing package? I am...
  18. 5.0 Swap questions

    Okay, so I've searched around the internet, but haven't found specific answers for these questions. I've got a 2000 Ranger 2wd, and want to put a 5.0 in it, I'm in the midst of putting the engine together, but I have questions about some parts. I've read about some conversion kits online, but...
  19. spark plug

    Howdy from sc!

    I'm a former ranger owner I had a 91 with the high rider 4x4 option the 2.9l backed by the a4ld now I own a 91 explorer 4wd Eddie Bauer fully equipped it's a resto-mod project however my mom has a 97 ranger splash that I will be posting questions about as well as my explorer
  20. bilzy7

    Looking For Someone To Do V8 Swap

    Hello, so as the title says I am looking for someone in MA/NH area (I'm currently in Haverhill, MA) who has experience or can do the swap? Right now I am talking to Enhances Street Performance and have linked them to some V8 build threads here and discussed what I want out of this. I basically...

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