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  1. lower and upper radiator hoses?

    i need help finding a lower radiator hose for an 89 5.0 swap with a ford explorer hd radiator? links and pictures would be greatly appreciated... :dunno:
  2. Need a 92 Xploder Manual ECU!

    I bought a 92' Xploder XLT for $200 from a friend's dad. Ran and drove like new (till I ripped the motor out). The 4.0 is getting a gasket kit and a new head before it goes in to my 85 BII. I'm going to bolt it to my manual trans. So I've got some time before I NEED the new computer. If anyone...
  3. Never done a swap, trans issues?

    Donor vehicle: 92 Ford Exploder, 4.0, Automatic everything, Push Button 4x4 The Patient: 85 Ford Bronco II, 2.8L carbed, 4spd w/OD, manual everything. Am I going to buy a new clutch? And if my understanding is correct, I have the M50D-R1 transmission, right? So it should bolt right up eh...
  4. Explorer Leaf spring questions

    I've got a 2000 2wd ranger and I wanna lift the rear up a bit without using blocks. I'm piecing together the fabtech 5.5 front so I'm going for around 4 in the back and I would like to use leaf springs from an explorer but I dunno if they'll fit right. I couldnt find a FOR SURE answer so my...
  5. 84bluebronco2


    I've decided my Explorer will never see the light of trails. I'll buy another RBV for that. Laugh at me, hate me, I want a parking lot pounder. If I wanted to run say something like a 31 in place of my P235-75R15, could it be done acceptably with 3.73's? My truck has 3.27s right now and they...
  6. 84bluebronco2

    Strange thoughts inspired by a certain green gen2 ranger...

    what ranger body parts would it take to "fit" on a 91-94 explorer frame? I noticed when Marceh put a ranger body on his B2, he needed a custom bed. Is there any combo of Gen2 ranger pieces that will fit a 91-94 explorer frame?:icon_confused:
  7. 84bluebronco2

    My new toy!

    OK so I have finally bit the bullet. The 84 B2 needs to much love to keep her going. Purchased my new toy today. I found a rust-free, 4dr, m5od Sploder. 138k on the clock (about 50k less than the b2 and 100k less than my ranger). The price was 2450. What do y'all think?? :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. The Bandit

    1993 Explorer Windsheild into 1993 Ranger

    Will this work? The one in the Ranger is cracked all to shit, I'm parting/crushing the Explorer and would use the windsheild if at all possible.
  9. Eddie85

    Swapping in the 4.0L

    My 2.8 has nothing left. I have decided the 4.0L is the best motor to drop in that is affordable has plenty of power and has good fuel millage. I could use any input that you have on performing the swap. What year 4.0 is the best to swap in, what are the easiest mods to do to the motor before i...
  10. 1999 on road to off road conversion

    1999 V8 SAS Ranger Heres my 1999 ranger. Its the economical 2wd 3.0l flex fuel edition in green. So what are the plans you ask? From a 1999 or 2000 explorer - 5.0L V8 Engine - 4R70W Transmission - Drive shafts - 8.8 Ford rear axle Purchased separately - (4x4 is insane on a 4th gen...

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