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  1. JohnG

    Door Panel Removal

    Dumb question, how do you remove these door panels at the top? The bottom is clearly in by the plastic “Christmas trees” but not seeing how the top attached? I need to open it up but don’t want to break anything. (86 STX)
  2. Wanted Passenger Side Rear Door (4 Door)

    Looking for a passenger rear door in black in good condition. Mine is a little too far beyond repair. I have a 2004 edge supercab 4x4. Thanks! I'm located in central NJ but willing to drive a fair amount to pick up a clean one,
  3. sauceman

    Driver side door rattles excessively 1992 XLT

    Hey Guys. The driver side door on my 1992 ford ranger has started to rattle quite a bit. It's as if it is not latched tightly anymore. What do you recommend I do to fix this?
  4. 2 door vrs 4 door

    I have a 2000 extended cab (4 doors). I need to replace the front drivers door. Will the door off a regular 2000 ranger fit? Any help is appreciated. I was going g to buy it, but need to know if it will fit.
  5. Door lock problem

    Hello, I bought a 1999 ranger 4.0 4wd 5 speed. Love it, so I went to put an alarm on it and the guy says my door pin isn't working. (I know, I can't find a door pin in the manual either.) the automatic lock does not unlock just locks. What do I need to do to fix this? Please help!!!! Door lock...
  6. 2009 Ranger R8 Axle Door Code Clarification

    Hello, new to the forums here, signed up to maybe provide some info on something. From the research I have done, an R8 axle code on the door sticker indicates a gear ratio of 4.56. However, there are a few places that state the R8 simply means its a 4.10 with a Torsen LSD. Many people I have...
  7. door issue

    Wind keeps coming through door it's from the top of the door and the door is hard to shut it sags down some and has play in it I can move it up and down if I pick up on it. It's a 93 ranger help will be appreciated
  8. rebelkid

    Door lock conversion

    Installing auto door locks and auto windows pulled from a ranger, verified the window motors worked before install, but silly me forgot to verify the door locks worked >_< Issue: both door lock actuators click but do not move the lock. Currently have it grounded and have a extra wire i'm using...
  9. rear door latches not latching?

    Hey guys and gals- I just recently bought a 2002 4-door Ranger (4x4 Edge) and am slowly learning about it and coming up with questions. This seems like a dumb question to me, but I have to ask--the upper part of the rear doors should not be able to be pulled away from the body when the door is...
  10. convert my ranger doors to wrangler style

    im new to this site ive had my ranger for over two years now im 17 and im beenin moddin the crap outta it so far my next goal is to be able to take the doors off and put them back on like a wrangler my reason for doin this my friends i go ridin with have wranglers and wont shutup bout how...
  11. robmedina

    97 ford ranger exterior door handle

    I have 2 questions- THE SCENARIO- I just changed out my drivers door handle with one I got from autopartswarehouse.com. I got the new one in and got the actuator to work (unlock the door) and put the door panel back on. Closed the door opened it, closed the door and opened it a second time and...
  12. William Spitzer

    97 Explorer Doors on a 98 Ranger

    I'm pretty sure i allready know the answer, but would 97 explorer doors work on a 98 ranger?
  13. Doors for '98 Ranger

    I need a door for my '98 Ranger. Anybody know what years should fit? I don't have power windows if that matters.
  14. Driver side door wont open

    So I got my truck in october of 2009 and ever since I got it when you open up the drivers side door it doesnt pop open like most other doors will do. it unlatches but it doesnt pop out or anything you have to pull it open but it was all easy. Lately it was getting harder to open but nothing...
  15. Door jam switch 99 4.0

    I have a 99 Ranger XLT 4.0 4wd power mirrors power windows. Driver side door switch went out. Pulled it (what a pain that was) went to autozone got a switch, wrong one.:icon_confused: Pulled up catalogs with pics at Napa Autozone and Schuck's and they didn't have the correct replacement...
  16. 96 Ranger driver door mech.

    My 96 ranger diver door will not open. i recently repaired one of the three bolts that hold the locking mech. to the door. (the two top screws were gone. The only thing holding it on was one bolt on the bottom. So i put a replacement bolt in one of the top holes.) So now it is stuck for some...
  17. Door locks

    My driver side door wont unlock from the exterior but will unlock from the inside. Getting really tired of unlocking door from passenger side and crawling over. Any help?
  18. thebigyellowtruck

    Urgent trying to fix at this very moment!!! door jamb switch broken

    I have a 1997 ranger standard cab. I believe the door jamb switch is broken. When i drive down the road the door ajar light stays on and when it decides to turn off it dings like the door is open then the light turns off. i think that this is the door jamb switch. i went and bought a new switch...

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