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  1. 1991 Ranger XL

    Hello everyone! Just made an account here and this is my first post on TRS, though not the first ranger I've owned. My current '91 Ranger is only temporarily mine, I bought it for $300 as a gift for my dad, cleaned it up and got it running. Now I'll be driving it while I'm back at school and...
  2. I want something fast

    Im looking to buy a cheap car that has good aftermarket support for engine modifications, Im open to imports and domestics and I like sleepers. what in your guys option could give me the best bang for my buck.(Im still going to keep my Bronco 2 so the cheaper the car the better) :3gears: I...
  3. Horsepower

    I'm a young man. I was wondering if there are any cheap tricks to add some horse power. Any tricks?
  4. Making my '83 2.3Lima dumb - Help!

    Hey all. I scored an '83 2.3Lima 4WD a week or so ago. Was told it had a bad HG, but there was ZERO oil/coolant contamination. Oil was just dirty, no shavings from what I could see. I got the thing running, and it would run at higher rpms (2-4k), but at low rpms it would shudder and buck like...
  5. Lifting BII's For Cheap?

    Ok, i am 15, building a 89 BII, i want about a 2-3 inch lift, besides the stuff on the tech pages, is there any secrets to cheap lifting?:icon_confused::icon_bounceblue:
  6. Great Deal on Spark Plugs and Wires

    After lots of reading on the forum here, the following are what I have decided to put in my '96 3.0L. Autolite Wireset #96170 for 96¢ after rebate:yahoo: price now $1.48 Autolite Double Platinum Plugs #APP104 for $2.99 each after rebate:headbang: Just wanted to share!
  7. Cheap deavers?

    after i get my return and pay off other debts I'll have around $650 left over. I wanna get a set of F31 deavers with some bilsteins. where is the cheapest place to go to get both of these under 650?. I was thinking of getting the deavers from dixon bros but it's 600 then I'd imagine after tax...
  8. New Member Need Lift Advice For 93

    hello all, im new here, Ive recently been searching all over the net for ranger info and you guys seem to be the best. a few months ago i picked up a 93 ranger splash 4x4 5 speed 4.0l. and i love it, i get good fuel economy and its fun to drive. its definitely a work in progress and i have...
  9. slpthunderbolt

    Lowering options?

    Hey all, I have a 03 thunderbolt that came lowered by SLP by about two inches, and they added some "handling package" and strengthened front and rear stabilizer bars. I recently just bought a set of 18s and there seems to be too much clearance between the tire and the fender for my liking. What...
  10. redneck lift kit

    hi i have a 95 ranger reg cab 4x4 i dont have much money so i am looking for the most easy'st simple cheap way to lift my truck so i can clear some mudders.
  11. Cheap Lift

    I already have a 4" suspension lift. I was wondering if there were anything to get another 2or 3" lift out of the suspension to clear 35 or 36? I'm lookin for something cheap. Got any ideas?

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