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bronco 2

  1. Forlorn

    Bronco II Ignition Coil wire fallen off and won't start?

    Hello! So I recently picked up a 1985 Ford bronco 2 2.8l v6 as more of a project vehicle I can learn from. Either way, used to run, but now it doesn't after I gave it a tuneup lol so I'm trying to track down what got it not starting, So, I've checked for spark on sparkplugs got em, got...
  2. dtg_xc

    Transmission Crossmember Bracket

    Hello, I'm looking for transmission crossmember brackets for a 1988 ford Bronco 2. Mine is rusted out. It is the part that connects the crossmember to the frame. I have searched all over the internet and don't know where to find them. Anything helps! Thank you!
  3. Dana 30 SAS

    Hello, I'm starting to do an axle swap on my 88 Bronco II with a dana 30 out of a jeep cherokee. I'm posting to get some advice on the best way to tackle this and maybe a list of what parts I'm going to need to be able to make it a mostly bolt on job.

    Selling my 84 Bronco II XLS 5 speed on Bringatrailer! Figured I'd share here since it's such a rare find. 1984 Ford Bronco II XLS 5-Speed for sale on BaT Auctions - ending May 19 (Lot #73,791) | Bring a Trailer Let me know what you think!
  5. NefariousFraggle

    Bronco 2 window seal restoration

    I'm in the middle of restoring my B-Deuce. It's a 1990 Bronco 2 Eddie Bauer Edition, with the Dana 35 Front end. I lucked out on the last one. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a product for conditioning/restoring my dried out, and cracking rubber window seals, for the large, side-rear...
  6. stamina

    1st gen ranger vs bronco ii exhaust

    what are the similarities and differences between a bronco ii’s exhaust and a rangers exhaust? the manifold/headers? in my 90 ranger are cracked in multiple places but the ones off a 90 bronco ii in the yard are in very good condition other than that i haven’t looked under the truck to see how...
  7. ‘84 Bronco ii

    Hey - I’m about to try to start my Bronco ii that has been sitting for 10+ years. not has a lot of family memories, camping trips, pulling boats, learned to drive in it and it was my first car. Just had my first baby, girl and I’m starting this thing up as I hope to share memories with her and...
  8. adrago247

    Wanted BII Tailgate Latch

    I need a tailgate latch for my 87 bronco ii. Somebody(definitely not me) tried to open the tailgate while it was locked and the handle sheared off. I could use one off a first gen explorer but would much prefer the correct bronco ii part. The tailgate has the opening glass not the wiper.
  9. Se7enth Sol

    Fitting 4.0L SOHC to stock 1990 Bronco II transmission

    At to moment I am pulling the old rusted 2.9L v6 out of my 1990 Bronco II 4x4. I have purchased a 4.0L SOHC replacement engine from a 1997 Ford ranger. I thought I did a lot of research before purchasing but now I am not sure if the bolt pattern will line up to the OEM 1990 B2 transmission...
  10. 86' Bronco 2 2.9l Sputtering Issue

    Hello all, I bought this bronco this past summer for a steal of 500$ because it needed a clutch. Just got around to putting the new clutch/flywheel in, and have it running but now I have ran into an issue with the engine sputtering. This issue occurs when the engine is below roughly half...
  11. Is it worth it?

    Hello. There is a 1987 Ford Bronco II in my area for $8,000. It's on CL, so I think I can get them down a bit. Just wondering if you think this is worth it? They are saying it has 88,000 miles, but the engine has been rebuilt. They also stated that it runs well. It appears very clean and they...
  12. PacoTaco1000

    Meet my 88’ project Bronco

    Last October, I was looking for my first vehicle and found this 88’ B2 for sale in Spokane, Washington on Facebook marketplace. My father taught me how to drive stick in his 88’ B2 That he bought a couple years ago to teach me and my siblings and I was looking for one of my own since hisgot me...
  13. PacoTaco1000

    88 bronco II 6-speed Transmission swap

    I’ve been looking around trying to find anything on a transmission swap for a Bronco II and haven’t found anything. Has anyone done a 6-speed in a little b2? I’m currently running my stock FM145 5-speed on my freshly rebuilt 2.9l. I plan on swapping to the 4.0l after my motor goes and saw that...
  14. PacoTaco1000

    2021 Bronco Vs 1988 B2

    The other day I noticed this was at my local dealership, decided to snap these photos quick. That is my ‘88 B2 that I rebuilt, stock 2.9l. Figured you guys would appreciate this little comparison
  15. 1988 Bronco II - No reverse lights, new NSS switch and starting in all gears

    Ok so I have no revers lights in my Bronco II - A4LD trans and 4x4. I first replaced the NSS thnking that was the issue - still no lights. Also its starting in all gear positions now. Will get to that later.... As far as the light issue goes - I Tested Purple/Orange wire in harness and have...
  16. New coolant line leaking!

    Hello, I recently installed new transmission cooler lines and a new 4.0 radiator in 1987 bronco ii. Everything bolted in as it should. I wanted to have an upgraded coolant system. But now the top hose that goes into the radiator, squirts transmission fluid. I know they say to use thread sealant...
  17. chloe

    need help with my 1990 bronco II

    Hi i just joined this forum and I'm looking for help or advice with my bronco. I just got it about a month ago and about a week ago the engine light turned on. It was revving really high in park and there was strong gas fumes. I got it towed to a car place that was recommended by a coworker and...
  18. Bronco II 302 Swap Questions

    Just recently bought a pristinely maintained, bone-stock 1985 Bronco II (pictures below). Manual, 2.9 2.8. Want to turn this into a beast. 302 swap, suspension, all the bells and whistles. Want a overlanding/outdoor rig that I can also cruise around in. I've been scouring forums all over the...
  19. 1989 Bronco ii Trouble taking off

    Hey guys,new here. So i purchased this 89 bronco ii back in the winter time and its been a great little ride, 2.9 Auto and 4x4. Well here recently ive been hearing a little bit of a loud noise which it sounds like its coming out of the torque converter. I have also noticed, even when i first...

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