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  1. Rusted crossmembers

    Hello everyone! Looking for opinions....I’m driving a 2009 B4000. The frame is a bit rusty but in pretty good condition with no holes. The rear cross members however are in pretty bad shape rust-wise, lots of holes and basically rotted out. From a bit of research I understand this is expected to...
  2. RuralRangerRoadin

    Standard Cab Long Bed VS Step Side Compatability?

    I have a 2011 2.3L 4cyl Standard Cab, and what I believe is a long bed (bed measures from cab to tailgate 6'3-4" but the tailgate has some non-factory curviture that's been implemented post manufacturing 😅 so it's hard to get a super accurate measurement) and was wondering how a 2000 Ranger Step...
  3. 3M Adhesive Tape

    Howdy howdy, new here So I just bought a new to me 96 2.3 and the paint is in wonderful condition minus a few spots. But the big problem is they used 3M adhesive tape to stick the plastic drop in bed liner. And I hate those so I took it off. I need some help with what u can use to...
  4. 2000 Ranger bed. What years Fit?

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT that needs a bed. Does it have to be from another 2000 for my tail lights to fit or will any other year work??
  5. Ranger Flatbed

    I Built this in February as my regular beds front cross member was rotted out. Figured I would get more use out of a flatbed. Around $700 later, I have myself a new bed. Comes in handy around the farm. Thanks for looking.
  6. Top of Payload Dimensions for 2011 Ranger Sport 4X4

    Hi All, Have a simple question for you. I want to purchase a used canopy for my 2011 Ranger Sport 4x4. The truck has a 5 spead manual transmission, a 4.0L 6 Cylinder engine and the jump seats in the cab (seats 5?). I measured 74.5 by 60 inches for the top of payload. Is this accurate? the...
  7. Bolt Spinning Free -- Bed Removal, 1991 Ranger

    Hey all, on my 1991 XLT Supercab Ranger, started it a week ago and it was spitting gas below, near the gas tank / fuel pump I guess, it was pretty messy underneath with just the ignition on, not even running, so I shut it down. Jacked onto stands now. Going to replace whatever I can get to...
  8. Bronco Bed/cap on a ranger

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I'm new to the forum I will soon be starting a ranger project of my own. Looking to take a late 80's-early 90's ranger And drop a turbo block from a ford thunderbird(87). I want to be able to cut the rear of the cab out and connect it to the bed. Like...
  9. B-Lazy

    Walk through cab?

    Anybody try this? Ive wanted to remove my rear window and waterproof the seal between my cab and shell to have a crawl through compartment, but now it would be cool to have a complete walk through making it more like an explorer.
  10. brwntom

    hangers and shackles

    i will be doing leaf spring hanger and shackle replacement on saturday. any advice would be appreciated. this is the first time I will ever be taking the bed off. is there anything else I should do or be looking for while under there? I bought all of the parts from autozone today and would like...
  11. Just an idea

    Just was wondering if anyone knew if it was at all possible to take a 7 foot bed and replace a 6 foot bed on my supercab.
  12. Ford Ranger XLT Truck Bed?

    Hey, I recently purchased a 1996 Ranger. But the bed is completely rusted. I either need to go to a junkyard or ebay. So far on ebay i have had no luck.. Anyone either have a bed or know someone who does? And oh yeah, i live in jersey. Benjamins.carlin@gmail.com Thats the best way of...
  13. r1hatman

    83 bed off center fix

    My bed on my 83 4x4 regular cab is off center a little. How much play(adjusting room) do you have when you loosen those bed bolts? And how easy are they to get loose without breaking something? Anyone have any experience with those?:icon_confused: Thanks:icon_thumby:

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