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  1. TexasDuck66

    Delete Rebuilt TK5/Toyo Koygo 5 Speed 4WD

    Hey there, I have a rebuilt TK5 4WD trans that I bought a couple months ago to swap into my 83' 2.3L 4x4 with a TK4. Changed my mind and decided to list it here incase anyone would like to buy it. I had purchased it for 650$ so that's the price I am asking. It requires a bell housing and shifter...
  2. TexasDuck66

    TK4 4WD Driveshaft to TK5

    Hey there, I finally got a TK5 4WD transmission for my truck. Before I start tearing everything apart, I wanted to know if I could still use the same driveshaft, including the one for the 4WD. The length of a TK4 4WD transmission is 24 inches, a TK5 is 25.932 inches from what it says here on...
  3. stamina

    motor and trans mounts for 2.9 v6 dana 35 4wd

    is there a difference between the 4wd and rwd mounts, can someone help me out here or post a link to a motor mount kit? the one on rockauto states rwd but it looks all the same to me. motor and trans mounts, i want to do all of them in one go
  4. Banging in 4x4, high or low, Please help !!!

    I have to say I Love my stock 2004 Arizona Beige Metallic 4x4 Ranger, but I am about at my wits end with this truck. When in 4wd, high or low, there is a horrendous banging noise coming from the driveline and multiple shops (including several dealers) cannot seem to be able to figure it out (one...
  5. FlooredCustom

    Rusty Ranger Danger

    Hi fellow Ford enthusiasts, I recently acquired a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom 2.3L 4wd, manual transmission, its a beauty. I knew i had some rust to repair on the body but didn’t know at what point it was dangerous. My clutch and my break booster both let go while I was driving on the highway...
  6. 4WD only 1 Front Wheel Turns, No PVH Hubs, 4WD engages and disengages fine.

    Hi All, I am quite confused. I have 2000 ranger ( 02/00 build). It's a farm truck, non-highway use. Recently it has left me setting a few different times in the snow. It will sit there and spin 1 back tire while in 4WD and the other tires sit motionless. It seems to have loss some power as...
  7. swapping a single cab on a ext. cab frame?

    I'm new to this forum and have wanted to expand my knowledge when it came to the differences in the frame. I recently purchased a 1988 ford ranger xlt and it has a rotted body and i have wanted to go to a flatbed and a single cab for a while now... problem. I don't understand if i should cut the...
  8. Franken5liter

    46k mile 1988 Ranger “Outlaw” 4x4 Restomod and Build

    Beginning my build thread for the 88 Ranger 4x4 Std Cab Short Bed I scooped up in GA early summer 2020. Details: 2.9L A4LD auto, high rider optioned XLT, 4.10 LimSlip 7.5 rear, original paint and interior. Restomod plans: gut and clean interior with “new” ‘99 Exp 5.0 Engine and trans with a BW...
  9. 98+ 4wd vs 2wd Transmission Crossmember

    Hi everybody, Are the transmission crossmembers different between 4wd and 2wd for a 2002? I have the M5OD. If so, how hard is it to weld/bolt on the 4wd version? I've got the 4x4 transmission and transfer case sitting in my garage ready for the swap, and I'm trying to make sure I have...
  10. Ford Ranger 4x4 problems

    Hi, just recently joined the forum, I have a 1998 ford ranger xlt 4x4, went out into some mud on Christmas night, 4x4 worked amazingly, it got stuck in 4x4 (wouldn’t shift out) but needed it anyways, shifted into 2wd after sitting, then I go to use 4wd a few days ago, was working strongly, than...
  11. 4wd slipping

    Question, just bought an 86 Ranger 4 banger. Decent condition, all the bushings were shot. Replaced those. Before I did so, I tested out the 4wd. It was slipping, like, on off on off on off. Im thinking the acutator. Haven't tried to diagnose it yet but was curious with ya'lls input. Maybe a...
  12. 4wd conversion endeavor

    I have done a lot of looking, here mostly, on how the 4wd system works in a ranger like mine. I have a 2wd ranger which I'd like to be 4wd. I have done a lot to it so I don't want to part with my ranger and get another one just to get 4wd. I am willing to do all the work to convert it to 4wd, I...
  13. Steering jerking

    My 1989 Ford Ranger 4wd manual has a problem with the steering. When going down the road it would pull to the right but if you had to make a left turn it will jerk to the left once it reaches a certain point. I jacked the front end off the ground looking for bad bushings in the front end but...
  14. 97Ranger3.0

    My 1997 Ranger 3.0 4x4

    Hey everyone! This is my 1997 Ranger XL with the 3.0, 5 speed manual and 4wd, and a 7' bed. This truck is my daily driver, so this isn't going to be so much of a build thread per se, but I will be doing some light modifications and thought it might be cool to document my process! These...
  15. DankTank

    What happened to my Subaru wagon?

    I'm a bit confused right now... So, I bought a 1992 Subaru Loyale off CL with the intention to turn it into a 4x4 trail buggy. The ad says the car won't idle. Fine. Worst case I can scrap it and even make money off the deal. I get there and sure enough the car dies instantly even though it...
  16. Transmission swap

    I have 96 4.0 4wd, transmission went out, so I found a 95 ranger with same size engine but it's 2wd, if I swap it will I lose the 4wd, if so can I somehow make it 4 wd,
  17. F-150 5.0 Conversion?

    I'm sure this has probably been covered or at least something very similar has been covered especially since we're talking about a 5.0. I have access to a 1994 F-150 XLT RWD with a 5.0 V8 that I wanted to put into my 2000 Ranger XLT 4WD with the 3.0 BUT I want to keep the factory 4WD that the...
  18. 2000 Ford Ranger hub / wheel bearing help!

    If you have a bad wheel bearing on the front drivers side, can it cause the 4wd to fail? Both front brakes were just replaced. Thanks in advance, Amarissa
  19. 2WD to 4WD

    Has anyone swapped an 89 B2 to 4WD from 2WD with the God awful A4LD and electric shift t-case? If so, how would you wire the electric shift into the transmission harness? Is it already on the wiring of a 2WD B2 or will I need to steal one from a donor truck?
  20. 4WD wont work!

    I have an automatic 4WD in my 98 ranger. Whenever I switch into 4Wd the truck goes into neutral on all wheels. It doesnt matter what gear the transmission is in or what speed im going. Any help diagnosing the problem?

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