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  1. High Rev and Rough Idle Issues after Intake Gasket Repair

    Hi I've read through the forum and couldn't find what I'm looking for. I have a 2000 Ranger 4x4 4.0L and it started running very rough. My local shop replaced the plugs, plug wires, and ignition coils and it would fine for a while. I tested it beforehand with my OBD2 reader and it definitely...
  2. Vibration at higher RPMs

    When I am driving my 2011 4.0L sport I will occasionally get a deep vibration coming from the engine starting around 2500RPM, and it gets louder as you go higher to 3000RPM. the vibration sounds like going over rumble strips, and feels like going over a slightly rough part of road (not near the...
  3. Finally got a Ranger again!!

    2001 XLT 4.0L 4x4 off-road I just picked up a ranger for dirt cheap the engine sounds great but it has a bad tranny. I sold my last one and was regretting it the moment I sold it so now I'm happy to have one again. However I have to put a new transmission in and i need advice on how to do that...
  4. 3D Printed Rear Main Seal Installation Tool

    Just replaced the engine in my 07' ranger 4.0l. Replaced all timing components and all kinds of things. I was a complete idiot and removed the metal sleeve from my rear main seal thinking it was only to protect the seal during shipment (honestly don't know what I was thinking lol). Long story...
  5. sauceman

    Does a custom cold air intake improve the sound of the engine?

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about purchasing a cold air intake for my 92 ford ranger 4.0L. I've always been skeptical as to how much a Cold air intake improves performance, but for a bit of extra sound quality, it would be worth it. Do any of you guys notice a sound difference with one...
  6. Nicworrell94rangwr

    2000 4.0 Wiring Harness Help

    So If anyone viewing this has seen my other threads they relate to this. The previous owner cut back the old wiring harness but left five wires out, I’m wondering what they go to. Keep in mind he races trophy trucks and builds prerunners. I have an idea of what they go to but not entirely sure.
  7. New bumper

    New bumper

    comparison, old/new
  8. New bumper

    New bumper

    Right side
  9. New bumper

    New bumper

    straight view
  10. New bumper

    New bumper

    I built a new bumper for the truck so I could use a winch, turned out better than I thought It would for my first real fab project.
  11. 02 ford ranger 4.0l exhaust manifold removal

    Hey guys just picked up some headers for my 02 ranger but im seeing that its quite the job to get out the left and right exhaust manifolds. Are there any tips to make this any easier?
  12. Jerky start/clutch

    Hi guys I have a question for ya'll. I thought my clutch was slipping at first but now I'm a little stumped. The truck runs well, the engine was rebuilt about 40k miles ago. What happens is is when I go to start out, it's a little jerky, which is normal if you dont know how to start out with a...
  13. 1989 2.9l 4x4 swap to 1990 4.0l thats also had 4x4

    So i pulled a 4.0l out of a 90 and grabbed the harness and ECU and believe i grabbed the map sensor since its speed density. What is the rest i need to convert and does my 89 have trans cooler or should i pull that from the donor truck as well, both are auto's and same transmission. So pretty...
  14. Transmission Gone CrAzY?!

    I recently had a new transmission put in my truck but the O/D OFF light still flashes. I have taken it back NUMEROUS times to have it checked because that usually means its over heated but everything checks out and reads fine. The one thing that changed after the first one blowing up was some...
  15. Supercharger Ford ranger project

    http://youtu.be/e-aSoFvVtq4 I'm not 100% about my idle issue, rev up n down a little! When throttle body is closed! I haven't check for leaks or anything! At idle with throttle body closed there is reversion, maf sensor double reading the air??
  16. 4.0l ohv supercharged! Vortech

    Hello! Bought my truck 3 years ago 1992 Ford ranger xlt 4.0l ohv 5 speed rwd It had 215,000km when I bought, now at 315,000km!! Still at 175psi compression on all 6 cylinders, I've replaced almost everything From water pump, thermostat, heater core, radiator, rad cap, power steering pump, fuel...
  17. Funny Idle

    Hey, so in my 1992 4.0L Ranger with 103k miles. It idles very weird sometimes. Mostly when I start up after the engine is hot. Like if I cut it off after driving for a bit, then go in to the store for 10 minutes or so. Has no problem starting but it only reaches about 1500 RPM when it usually...
  18. Rangermilitia

    Need help finding California compliant ecu!

    I've got an 87 ranger. Manual trans and transfer case. No power windows or locks. No ABS. I WENT TO THE REFEREE station for inspection and it failed because the 4.0l computer I'm using isn't correct and my check engine light isn't hooked up (not the problem). My problem is that nobody can help...
  19. prow

    M5OD-R1HD I broke second gear

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. I need some help with my 2002 Ranger 4.0L SOHC 4x4. I believe it has the Mazda M5OD-R1HD. The problem: I'll keep this simple for now. When I shift into second and hit the gas. Nothing happens. All other gears are engaging fine. I must...
  20. 99 Ranger 4.0L P1151 help

    My Ranger has had a check engine on for a while now and I finally have another car that I can drive so I can take this apart and fix it. I have done the scans and got a P1151 code. I have tried looking for a vacuum leak with carb cleaner but have had no luck. Could somebody post a picture to...

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