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  1. stamina

    what things should be done to a 4.0 while it’s out of the vehicle and has been sitting

    4.0 ohv has been sitting for a few years in the garage and i would like to know what i should do to it before it goes in the truck, besides oil change and regasketing the whole thing what else should i do for it? that is within reason cost wise. no problems with it are known as of now.
  2. stamina

    just found a 4.0 complete all the way to exhaust manifold, what should i do to it when i buy it.

    i need to know all the things i should do for the engine once i purchase it. like should i clean certain things run certain things through it? replace certain things? any specific flaws in the engine that can be fixed before it goes in?
  3. stamina

    i need a 4.0 manual trans spacer/separator plate

    i figured out my last two threads, the reason the truck was making a noise and would stall when you push the clutch. the separator plate is sliding against the flywheel constantly. i used the original 2.9 spacer/separator plate. the starter fit through it so i assumed it was fine, does anyone...
  4. stamina

    i used 4.0 starter clutch and flywheel HELP!!!

    i hooked up the red cable to the smaller bolt on the starter, the silver one and it won’t work, do i need to hook it to the gold terminal? or do they both serve a purpose like does one of them need to be grounded??
  5. Oil Galley Pathing? I have timing guide debris in an oil galley, trying to fish it out!

    As the title says, no idea how, but I got a little round chunk of old timing guide into an oil galley. Found it after a complete rebuild, primed the motor and had no oil to the driver side head. Tried back flushing, it was rock solid. Put 120psi to it and got it to clear, but quickly became...
  6. Broken flywheel teeth and pinging

    Timeline of what happened: - Bought 1991 Ford Explorer 4.0 ohv / 5spd in January 2021 in good condition. - Starter gives out a couple months later, seemingly just due to age. Replaced it with a napa reman. All is fine for a few months. - Engine starts having a pinging issue under load...
  7. Odd rattle. Chain guides or something else?

    2004 Ford ranger 4.0 5 speed 4x4. 178k miles. All stock components. Just picked up this truck, has a odd condition rattle noise. It only rattles when revving down from above 2600, doesn't rattle on cold start. Doesn't rattle on idol. Rev less than 2600 and it won't rattle but when revved up...
  8. 5r55e won’t shift past 2nd

    02 4.0 4x4. At first I had no drive or reverse (went out on me going down the road), got home slowly, did a fluid and filter change, now I have drive and reverse back but won’t shift past 2nd gear. It’s like it drops out of 2nd to shift and just hits a an almost neutral, it goes but with no...
  9. 5.0 Swap

    I know the 5.0 swap has been done a billion times. Im heavily considering doing it and am already aware of the wiring and computer issues that may and will pop up. What im asking is will the T56 Trans bolt to an 01 5.0 out of an explorer, and are there any adapter plates or ways to bolt a TCase...
  10. 4.0Splash

    Who can tell me what this wire does?

    Hi All, new to the forum, but I like what I see! Hoping somebody could tell ne the significance of this broken wire by coils. Just bought the truck and it is running fine, do I need to repair this?
  11. Oil in water, but no water in Oil?

    1996. Brand new engine, (2,000k) as well as radiator. Bought truck like two months ago from my dads friend, noticed oil in coolant overflow, so I replaced radiator and tank (which were old and leaked lol) and put all new coolant. I checked the oil and no water in there, but it consistently loses...
  12. Jonny Jekyll

    2002 XLT 4.0 SOHC Throttle Position Sensor Test/Mod

    I want to retest my TPS to make sure it's at 96v, I've done it before but I can't remember which terminals go where. And if you need a ground or which setting to use for the volt meter. I can't find thread which has the pictures of how to use the volt meter with it. Is there anyone out there who...
  13. Gangwer296

    Alternator plug HELP

    My 4.0 1991 ranger has a pig tail unlike any replacement alternators at orielly. It is the style with two outer clips instead of the more round single clip connection. Do I need to just replace this pig tail?? I’m currently broken down I’m going to replace the alternator in the morning when...
  14. Bumpers

    so I’ve I poked around on the forum. And it’s probably on here some where. This is the first forum I’ve really engaged on . Does anyone have bumper plans tubular preferably pic for attention 97 Mazda b4000 manual trans Extremely clean picked up from the original owner runs like a champ
  15. Gangwer296

    Neutral safety switch on M50D-R1

    How’s it going, this is my first post on this website. I have been using this site for years looking up information on all my Rangers. I’ve owned about 6 rangers, 5 of them have been square body’s. Anyways I’ll get to the point. So I pulled out my transmission on my 1991 4X4 4.0 ranger due to it...
  16. Nicworrell94rangwr

    Update on my 2000 4.0 C4 swap to my 94 Ranger

    Here’s the engine and trans along with everything else that came with. I’m looking into a wiring harness but I’m having issues finding one, if anyone has access to one please let me know. Also dash and gauge cluster any recommendations on where I can get those?
  17. Gas Mileage

    So I drive a 2000 Ranger 4.0L V6 4x4 with just over 180k on it. Y'all know how many great things there are about the 4.0, but gas mileage is definitely not one of them! I'm averaging I'd say around 14.7-15 MPG, and the highest I've gotten is around 16.5. This is a bit problematic, since I drive...
  18. Seth_

    Manual transmission swap problems

    So ive decided to take on the quest of a body swap from my 2008 ranger 2wd on to another 2008 but 4.0 automatic 4x4 and it ran and drove in the previous truck. Ive completed the swap but im running into problems with doing a manual transmission swap into said truck. I have changed any harnesses...
  19. Clutch replacement

    I got a 2000 4.0L ranger and wondering what clutch replacement are you guys running
  20. Engine replacement compatibility

    Hi, I have a 1996 4.0 xlt 5 speed 2wd, the rear end hit a massive bolder in an ice storm and I bent the frame, trying to find out how easy it would be or if it is possible to swap my engine which is undamaged into another truck, I have a few options on what truck I can buy for this, they are all...

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