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  1. Does anyone have this "starter splash shield"?

    my 04 has the cute little funnel
  2. 2004 Ranger Engine Repair, Swap, or Scrap?

    keep looking around, there are alot of shops around me that would love getting the work. I would just go with replacing the heads, not the whole motor. Keep us posted as I too have an 04, so something I may be looking at sometime
  3. 2035

    Sure hope they let big diesel trucks come into CA to haul the classic cars and evil gas burners to Texas where we still love them.
  4. Anyone ever lower the Ranger Edge?

    Axle wrap? even with a 4.0 they don't and you have larger tires? No axle wrap..this ain't NHRA it's low power mini trucks Ford Rangers 2.3L 3.0 and 4.0L none make enough HP to worry about axle wrap.
  5. Max weight in truck bed for 2008 RWD Ranger - NOT for driving

    Water weighs 8lbs per gallon. So do the math. some overload springs might help. and air shocks in the back..Still its a heck of a strain on the truck frame and drive train.
  6. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Been too darn hot to touch the Ranger, but I did get a new set of running boards..just too hot to install them.. I hope its something local, but someone is stealing all the FORD badges off the Ranger grills. Out of the 5-8 guys I know with Rangers and the ones I see around here are all missing.
  7. 2000 ranger XLT 3.0 4x4

    I run a pair of overloads on mine--its a long story---but it also depends on how the 1000 lbs was distributed in the bed..I'd almost bet once you get it unloaded you'll be fine.
  8. Removing Bed, Can I make it legal to drive?

    find a big truck fifth wheel and temporarily bolt it to the frame....should get some good comments...But here in Texas tail lights a lighted license plate light and your OK
  9. Do I have a timing problem?

    Your ECM adjusts the timing as needed, I don't know the low and highs, but if it runs OK then it's doing its job.
  10. Odds Bodkins!!

    Glad it worked out. Like you I doubt the reboot would fix the egr delete and other codes. But, if CEL comes on with KOEO then the bulb isn't burnt
  11. I Gotta Admit I Really Like The Vulcan

    Ok I'm not an engineer, or a very good mechanic. Which is why I read the forums....But for large construction and OTR vehicles, how about a hybrid option? Using today's technology, a 3 cylinder diesel Kubota, running a massive generator which powers the truck, or construction vehicle, or...
  12. Help with camper shell dimensions

    I'ld keep looking for the right topper, but for now the box in front is probably your best bet. This set up will kill your fuel mileage, but might kinda secure your load and keep it kinda dry. Good luck.
  13. New ECM with Super Chips programmer

    Was about 70 miles away from home at a DR appointment, bad thunder & lightning storms. After appointment truck wouldn't start, got a free tow to local Ford Stealership, diagnosed as bad ECM, first one they got didn't work, second one did, My question is, I had a Super Chips tune, that apparently...
  14. Updating the 3.0L Tech Page - Suggestions Needed

    Why in the world did you pick a Ranger 3.0 to pull cars across country? Get a bigger truck with bigger engine. The 3.0 is not a tow motor, sure it will pull stuff, but not OTR for 2K miles. Its just not made for that. 98 F150 aluminum car trailer, picked up and Olsmobile Delmont 88 with 455CI...

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