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  • Welp after all this time that banner is 150 miles from Key West. I love that you signed it first and took it up North then back. Hundreds of Alaskans (like a few), Canadians and people all across the US have had a hand in this and no doubt poop loads of money but you started it off lil treaure.
    like'em all. Big ole steak and jack on the rocks for dinner! Thought you had a boyfriend so that would be 4 fav men right???lol
    Got a second job too. Alaska warm?? Your definition may be different from mine. What is the average degrees up there for summer?
    I see. 4 hours behind EST right. If soo seems I got Ranger convo buddy already for at least a few hours of my shift. I'm here for 8 hours til 7am and my work only takes an hour to do...so lots of bored time.
    ol. Homewood Suites by Hilton for me....for now. 3+ years is to long as an auditor with the same days same hours. Trying to move up or move out. What shift you work/position?
    Yeah, now if I hadn't taken a few of the shortcuts I did 3 years ago it would be in better shape, and probably not rolled... It is how I've wanted it for years though...
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