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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) Camshaft Question

    Cam sensor is for spark and sequential injector timing so it shouldn't matter, if crank/cam/aux gears are timed correctly
  2. Speedo driven gear...

    Sorry, I thought you replaced the Driven gear already, then that one first
  3. Speedo driven gear...

    Then I guess the driveshaft and tail shaft are coming off, lol Drive gear would be the only thing that would fit the issue now I think the 2wd manuals and 4x4 transfer cases all used 7 tooth Drive gear, but not sure in 1987
  4. 94 ranger running rough within 5 mins.

    Welcome to the forum Upstream O2 sensor is not on the list? They wear out, use up the chemicals inside, even while just sitting, 120k miles or 10 years or so O2 sensors are not used until engine warms up, so 3-5min on a warm day, is when there would be a problem Also ECT(engine coolant temp)...
  5. 2.3l auto to manual tranny swap

    You are right that I am wrong plenty of times, lol, but..........................not in this case 2.3l Duratec engine(2001-2011 Rangers) doesn't have same bellhousing bolt pattern as the 2.3l Limas, 1983-1997 2.3l Lima was used from 1974 to 1997, then as the 2.5l Lima from 1998-2001, and...
  6. The Dreaded Lean Code

    Not unless their EYES are CLOSED!!!
  7. Speedo driven gear...

    Did you try spinning the gear with your drill, while attached to the cable? Maybe the interface is broken Not sure on the clips but I think they are just Ford, all the same
  8. The Dreaded Lean Code

    The "rule of thumb" you are thinking of is when engine is at 500RPM, and its 1g/sec per Liter so a 3.0l at 500rpm would show about 3 to 4g/sec Yours was never at 500rpm, most engines don't idle that low The 800rpm and 7g/sec looks right but also depends on elevation, outside air temp and...
  9. TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    (y) sounds good Its all about how YOU drive, computer control was set at factory so no user changes, later models had adaptive "learning" for driver habits, cruiser or racer, lol
  10. TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    You can still add a switch to disable TCC when you want, I would add a RED led on this switch so you know its OFF Reason being is driving habits, you can set TCC for 35MPH for example, if you were to "Floor it" at 40MPH you would not get as fast an acceleration with TCC locked, because there is...
  11. TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    Yes, the older cruise systems use speedometer cable IN from transmission and then OUT to speedometer And they did have a pre-cursor VSS inside, but not usable for this application, lol
  12. TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    Yes, that's a new one Check if you already have one, I doubt it on a 2.8l but maybe Ford was adding VSS for cruise and computer use in the 1980's You will need to get the plug-in for it, as said wrecking yards will have the unit and the plug-in, but plug-in is available new as well
  13. TCC Lockup -- By Manual Switch?

    I think you would be better off with a speed switch vs vacuum switch Like this one: Expensive but would do what you need, ground TCC solenoid above...
  14. Cold Air Intake System Really Not Needed

    I like the fuzzy bits :) More please
  15. Cold Air Intake System Really Not Needed

    Grumpaw have a read here: Looks like Ford changed communications protocol in 2008, so you may need to change ScanGauge settings to get TFT It is there, for sure TFT sensor is connected to pin 29 on the PCM There are 4...