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  • Not that I have here in Ohio, but when I go home for christmas I can print you one up. . Just PM me your name and address. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile but lifes been tight lately
    i got it to get some decent flex, but that truck is long since gone lol, trying to sell off my 78 f-250, its time for me to build another one
    in that picture im using a chaing through the front left rim and am using my engine hoist to allow it to flex lol
    I talked to her today, she said if I'd come on a day when the weather was good....... she has my decal ready, and I'm going to get some 10in (shrunken windshield banners... for people) and anything anybody was wanting that PM'd me........

    I can get her to cut anything, with a design........ and any words or phrase is simple, simple.

    the thing is that it's hard to find an outline of the trucks...... it's all vinyl and not ink drawn onto a blank sheet.....

    I saw on craigslist today that a guy in Illinois is parting out a ranger w/ a 3.0 and a recently rebuilt tranny w/ a warrenty. just a heads up cuz
    oh btw I bought a book today that covers 4x4 suspensions- it has ttb stuff as well as my torsion bars like ur dads and mine
    Yea when we get you up and running w/ the brakes, trans etc. we need to get ya up in the air w/ some 33's on her!!!!
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