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  1. redneckfordranger1986

    whats the difference

    I'm looking for wiper arms for my 86 ranger and lmc has them for 83 to 85 but not for 86 to 88 I got a few junkyards around me that has first gens that I can pick up . just find it odd :icon_confused:
  2. redneckfordranger1986

    my ranger is weird

    First of all I hope I'm not reposting this ... I got a 86 ranger with a rebuilt 2.9 jasper motor 4x4 auto . I keep having fuel issues . I replaced the pumps honestly i don't remember and the filters and the fuel regulator . the only thing I haven't replaced is the injectors . I checked the...
  3. redneckfordranger1986

    dont know if this was already asked

    hey everyone I got a question : my question is I'm looking to buy headers for my 86 2.9 but all I'm seeing is 88 to 90 2.9 what is the difference in those years ? thanks :icon_confused::dunno:
  4. redneckfordranger1986

    old member

    good lord its been a while since I was last on here . I couldn't remember my password to save my life !!! :headbang::yahoo: I still got my 86 ranger currently it has a 3 inch body lift soon to have a 4 inch suspension under her and manual locking hubs and shifter for the tcase . currently im...
  5. redneckfordranger1986

    dumb question

    ok i have a dumb question for you guys , my question is wat is all need if i just put 4 inch coil springs on my truck i know ill need shocks and blocks for the rear anything else or should i not worry about doin it ?:icon_confused:
  6. redneckfordranger1986


    has anyone order any windshield decal lately ? i see that jim had to buy a new cutter , just wondering if its an old message .
  7. redneckfordranger1986

    lost !!!

    I dont know if there was a post on this issue , sry if there is . i got an 86 2.9 auto 4x4 . and the issue im having is it back firing through the intake i was told by a few trs members on facebook thats either a timing issue or the ica anymore advance would be great ... leading up to this i...
  8. redneckfordranger1986


    ok i got a question for you guy's . How do you twist a tailshaft on a 86 2.9 4x4 ranger ? the guy i had rebuild the orginal transmission told me that i did when i brought it back 2week later . hmmm i know my 2.9 doesnt make that much horsepower lol . any ideas? :icon_confused::dunno::annoyed::shok:
  9. redneckfordranger1986

    before i had my a4ld rebuilt

    :shok:here a pic of wat the transmission shop found when he started to rebuild my a4ld ( only took wat was the big parts left) . ... blown up ? :bawling::shok::yahoo:.......... sry for the crapy pic .. was to big to upload so made it smaller
  10. redneckfordranger1986

    dont know where to turn on this

    Ok i got a question and i dont know where to ask it . My father has a 2003 f250 v10 4x4 ... ok heres the question is there a way to change the 4x4 from the shift on the fly to the a manual 4x4 ? thanks guys
  11. redneckfordranger1986

    wat a great year NOT!!!

    I just replace my a4ld last year before halloween and now its acting like my old did . :bawling::sad: got reverse but no forward gears .
  12. redneckfordranger1986

    good thing or bad thing ?

    my ranger has a open 7.5 rear end in it and 4.10 gear ratio is that a good thing or bad thing :dunno:
  13. redneckfordranger1986


    i just found out that my ranger has a 4.10 gear ratio stock and an open 7.5 rear end :icon_hornsup: :yahoo: i think i should be happy lol :shok:
  14. redneckfordranger1986

    speading the word out about trs

    I was thinking the other day if we all made flyer about the forum and put them on other ranger or b2s stating : If you love your ranger or bronco2 like we do on our forum check it out at therangerstation.com join our community and tell us where your from when u found the flyer . wat do u all...
  15. redneckfordranger1986

    just wondering

    Just wondering if anyone bought a 3inch body lift from preformance accessories kit number 743 and if it came with nuts . or would i have to use factory .

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