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  • Long time no talk lol. So what ubeen up to? My rear end is going out of my truck and need a new drive line. Got a 45 i can shoot my truck with lol. So ive been trying to get my f150 going. I finally have my dad talked into a v8 swap. Still looking for a job though.
    Iam in waterloo now. Trying to find a job but i think i would have more luck pulling teeth. Lol hey there is a truck for sale by me its a 1987 ranger xlt 4x4 reg cab long bed stick shift for 650.00 its on craigless u should check it out.
    The good o 4.0 is a good engine. I just cant see doing a swap inless u are gonna put in a v8. Like your truck did u spray bomb it? I say put a 302 in it with a m5od tranny from a full size. Are a aod tranny. Be moiving to ill soon iam happy be out of the city.
    Sounds like they are trying to screw u over. Yea i found a 289 that i want to buy. Just dont have the money. Once i get a job and a little money to feed my truck. We should hang out. I am dead set on using a 289 something diffrent and i can get allmost 400 hp out of it.
    That sucks man. U need to put a v8 in it with a good stong built aod.lol thats what i want to do to mine. Once i get the money.
    they are to hard to keep clean and the sticky waits they use to balance them aways fall off. selling them right now if u know anybody that would want to buy them. so what all u got done to your rig? mine is mostly stock other then 3 inch body lift anda bored over 2.9. ill be putting new front and rear spring on it soon with new pivit bushings. then down the road is a 2 inch lift with a 8.8 going under it. then it will stay that way for a while got my f150 to fix up.
    that sounds cool i just have to watch my gas cause i have no job. i start school on the 28 of this month. so what u going to fention for? nice wheels on your truck. what to trade? lol i hate mine.
    sorry dont get on a lot as of late. iam in overland mo right now but i go all over the place all the time. just give me a buz when u want to hang out.
    I replaced the mass air meter. It had the same codes as it did back in May when I replaced it the first time. Luckily it was under warranty at Car Quest. The one from May was a reman the one I got tonight was a NEW one!! I went to O'reileys and cleared the codes. I hope when I start it tomorrow when I leave for work the light will Stay off!! I HATE THAT SES LIGHT!
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