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  • yo whats goin on dude? i got the idea stuck in my head of putting a snorkel on my b2, but i want it to be clean and i dont want to be using pvc pipe with the big bulky fittings, unless there is a way to join the pipe wihout the big ass elbows. i wonder if there is any kind of 3" rubber pipe i can get so then i can just bend it without needing big ass elbows lol
    oh yea sweet. ill do the d35 swap in my b2 and then its ball to the wall, my 33s measure like 32s and the front tires are only about half thread so she should be good with them. ill run it like it is till shit breaks then upgrade, like if i break a ujoint ill jus swap in a 760x joint. and im thinking **** the extended radius arms. stock ones will do, dont need flex when you got lockers lol
    sweet lol u think that will hold up with the 39s? awful big tire for a half ton axle
    btw i want to see more of the b2 lol whats new with her? and if i were you id say **** the 5speed and go np435 swap. 4 spd with granny low!
    yeah the b2 is stick and the ranger is auto but i wouldnt be pullin it with the b2 anyways ill take my brothers 07 z71. and yup the ranger is geared 3.73s. the b2 is only 3.45s and on 33s its a dog lol
    and yea i know all about the 2.9 liking to rev lol mine been on the limiter many many times and she still keeps tickin away askin for more lol
    lol ya know what your on to somethin there. the frame rails of my b2 and the ranger should be the same width shouldnt they? maybe ill make one up usin the b2 to measure it out on then bring it in to the ranger and hook it up an giv er
    lol yeah i gotta find a way to get her home then i think im gonna go get her. i might just bring out a battery and drive her home lol shes almost an hour away though
    oh yea sweet. i jus got offered to buy my 94 ranger back for 80 bucks lol not sure what to do yet
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