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Ranger Sport Honduras

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  • Been a while since I dropped by your profile page. Man, those 31's look awesome on your truck! Nice... :)
    Last time I was there was when I was 15, have been trying to get stationed there though to be closer to my grandparents since they are getting older and would love to see them more.
    She's from Tegucigalpa if I remember correctly and my grandparents live out there by Sabana Grande I believe it's called.
    Nice, yeah I'm half Hondureño. My mother was born there in Honduras. Def miss it and miss my grandparents farm out there in Honduras.
    Im gonna use a danna 44 front and run the 8.8 out of a X with disc breaks. they have the 31 splin axle.. if i do a face lift it will be the bug eye style. maybe another 05 front end
    I think im just gonna keep the front the same, for now ill prolly do it after the sas, ur truck would look sick with a sas, i like that body style
    Thanks for the comment, yeah i went with a 4x4, i love having the ext. cab, but i like ur truck with the new tires. it looks stout man.
    Hey man i am getting BFG 30 by 9.5 A/T's and wanted to make sure that they would fit on stock height on my 04 XL 2wd ranger? Ive read that they will but just wanted to make sure thanks
    Okay thanks man! I just wanted some input before i went and bought some tires.lol How steep was the hill? or was it even wet?There is quite a bit of mud around here just wanna know how they do.
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