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  • Hey Clay,

    Back home in one piece. SAT was fun, got to go back to my old AFB for a visit and spend some time with a friend. Traffic around FW sucked bad Thursday afternoon, huge wreck on top of construction on 35W had things rather screwed up.

    Hope you're doing well, brother.
    Hey Clay,

    Good to hear from you, bud. Glad that things are getting better for you. Sometimes it's tough to make sense of what happens and why, but it's part of a learning experience. Nobody knows that better than I...

    I haven't been around much either, just a quick peek-in every so often. I haven't even been a premium member for...how long? Seems like a lot of the old crew has moved on.

    I'll actually be in TX next week, passing through SAT and DFW on the way to Chicago.

    My email address is dave (at) ebiss-usa (dot) com if you want to keep in contact off-board.
    Good to see another Texan on here. I was wondering what cb antenna you are using and how well it is working.
    I'm just afraid that I'll get the thing, and nobody will drive to meet me. I'm willing to go a few hundred miles, but somebody from up north is going to have to meet me.
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