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  • There are several toward the begining of my build thread when I was building them. Bumpers are pipe and sliders are tube.
    Nah we don't mind, most of us guys are just vehicle enthusiasts... I don't care what make/model it is, if you have put alot of time, money, sweat, and blood in it... Then I think it's cool, unless it's a riced out civic lol
    Yeah I live right were 169 and 291 intersect... So I where about you lived. Umm there is a few TRS members that live in the area, but altogether including other ranger forum members we have abot 30-50 ranger guys. We have a huge ranger group on facebook... My names Jason Finn... Add me on fb and I'll add you to the group so you know when we got meets and things.
    there might be some ford numbers under it but its a pain in the ass to remove with the gauges right above it. the junk yard might be your best bet, im not sure if newer trucks use the same screw pattern in the shifter cover plate as my 3rd gen or not?
    its been a while since u were here then.

    thats a nice idea. lucky me, my farm is like 15-20 mins from my house, and my grandma lives there. so i see her everyday.

    if u ever get a chance to come here let me know. it would be really nice to meet a TRS member and a brother honduran thats in the US army
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